Shower Options For Contemporary Bathroom Renovations

The average shower routine has undergone a metamorphosis over the last couple of generations.  It used to be something people did when they didnt have time to take a bath.  Now, it can be even more that the jump start we all seem to need to start our hectic day.  With steam units and pulsating jets, showers are now offering as much pampering as the bathtub soak used to do.  In many homes, oversized showers stocked with technological gadgets have entirely replaced bathtubs.

Most showers are combined with tubs to save both time and money.  But, because bathtub bottoms tend to be narrow and curved, tub showers are much less safe than separate shower units.  There is also the common problem of water spraying outside of these combo units.  Shower curtains do a far from adequate job of keeping the surrounding floor dry.  Doors are much better at keeping the water in the tub, but they take up a lot of room on the deck of the tub, and they are much more difficult to keep clean. 

Prefabricated freestanding showers can look a bit like the decontamination chambers in science fiction movies.  They have a variety of features including multiple adjustable hand held sprayers, steam, and body jets.  They can also have special features like waterfall effects, rain heads, and audio/visual systems with remote control.  Prefabricated units can come in one piece or be assembled on site. 

Custom showers can be built to any size and shape.  You can combine any of the many features that are now available to suit your own particular tastes.  There are many showerhead options, including fixed sprays, handheld sprays, and jet sprays.  Body massage sprays can turn ordinary showers in to a luxurious spa.  Multiple showerheads provide an opportunity for versatility and customization. 

Individuals with special needs will need special consideration as well.  Limited mobility can require drastic changes in bathroom renovation plans, or could be the reason for the project in the first place.  Before getting started, visit a medical supply store that specializes in mobility concerns.  They will have a better understanding of what features you might need than your local home improvement retailer.  Special attention might need to be paid to someone who is wheelchair bound.  Getting out of a wheel chair and into a bath is extremely difficult.  There are showers that are designed flush to the floor, allowing someone in a wheelchair to enter and exit easily.

Whatever styles and features you choose, you should consider the changing needs of your family.  One design feature that can prove invaluable later on is a seat for people with limited mobility.  Having grab bars installed can also be beneficial in subsequent years, or for any family member who might become injured. 

Next to curtains, glass doors are the most popular choice for shower doors.  They are most often either smoked or scalloped for privacy.  Some pivot on a hinge.  However, for wider showers a sliding glass door is definitely preferred. 

If you are planning a new full sized bathroom, or just renovating an existing family bath, there is a vast array of shower options on the market today.  Technologically advanced features will boost the cost of both the fixture and the installation.  If you want to create an in home spa, steam - equipped models can be a worthwhile investment.  If you simply prefer standard showers without jets and whirlpool effects, there are many choices there as well.  Cost does not necessarily reflect quality.  There are many affordable options available that will give you an impressive result without burning a hole in your wallet.

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