Creative Bathroom Remodel Storage System Solutions

A common problem that homeowners seek to address with their bathroom remodel plans is a lack of sufficient storage space.  This problem multiplies when more than one person share a bathroom.  The lucky ones have a large enough layout for a copious amount of cabinets as well as a spacious linen closet. For the rest of us, it takes some creativity to make intelligent use of limited storage space.  Installing a vanity and a medicine cabinet are nice ideas, but creating storage pockets in walls, adding shelving, and even making use of the back of the bathroom door can all help create more storage space in your bathroom.

Installing a vanity or a bathroom cabinet system can set the tone for how the rest of the bathroom remodel is going to go.  Bathroom vanities exude style while providing a functional area for grooming and storing toiletries.  Custom designed vanities are nice, but stock pieces can do just as well and cost a good deal less.  You might be surprised by the sophisticated styles that manufacturers are offering at prices that can fit a limited budget.  

As in the kitchen, bathroom cabinets are being designed with fine details.  There are many designs and finishes to suit any decor.  Internal organizing systems are making better use of limited storage space, allowing you to keep grooming and cleaning supplies handy and well organized.  Mirrors and medicine cabinets to complement the vanity cabinets are attractive options.  Give your bathroom cabinet decision the same kind of consideration as you would your kitchen cabinets. 

For a truly custom vanity or cabinet system, consider designing and making your own.  Or, choose from a selection of prefabricated units that can be found at your local home improvement stores.  Installing a vanity is not a difficult project.  The biggest problem you will face is hooking up the water supply so that it does not leak.  Be sure to test the connections after you turn on the water, and again after a couple of days to make sure they are still working properly.

Creating a storage system requires planning.  If you are going to go to the expense of remodeling the bathroom, you might as well keep it looking neat and organized.  Medicines are a common item that gets left around.  Make sure they are stored where they can be reached quickly and easily, and are out of the reach of children.  Consider a safety latch for added safety.  Dental care accessories should be located within reach of the sink.  Shaving equipment should be close to the sink, but out of sight.  A bathroom is a good place to store first aid supplies, as clean water is often needed to wash wounds before bandaging.  For grooming accessories that do not use water, like hair dryers and makeup, consider a storage area outside the bathroom to relieve overcrowding. 

No bathroom remodel plan can be considered complete without addressing storage issues.  Bathrooms can be a relaxing place to start and end the day.  However, as clutter builds up, that relaxation can slowly give way to frustration.  There are a number of ways to handle bathroom clutter.  Hanging baskets can be a unique option.  Hooks on the back of the bathroom door are a creative use of an overlooked space, so long as they do not interfere with the functioning of the door.  The goal is to provide a storage space that is easy to use.  Ill functioning storage systems result in the same amount of clutter as existed before, as people grow frustrated and just leave their belongings where they can be reached.

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