Bathroom Renovation Ideas and Small Room With Big Changes

Bathroom renovation ideas are not that hard to find, nor should they involve that much hassle and expense.  While it's true that an entire bathroom's renovation will be a major undertaking (not to mention a plumbing nightmare that will deprive you of shower, sink and toilet for months), you need not re-construct an entire room to achieve a new and improved look to your bathroom.

Small bathroom renovation ideas are all over  the internet.  Here are a few of the more interesting ones a search will discover for you:

First, check out that shower curtain.  The simplest kind of replacement is a shower curtain, and yet it effects a marvelous change in most small bathrooms, giving added light, palette, hue and texture to the room.   Whether it's an understated pale gold see-through, or a bold splash of aquatic colors, a new shower is an incredibly inexpensive bathroom renovation idea.

Next, consider the fixtures.   It might surprise you to learn that the old adage "less is more" is applicable to small bathrooms as well.  When you're thinking of renovating and replacing old stainless steel fixtures with bronze or brass, consider a faucet, spigot or light fixture at the size of the old one.  A more petite, yet bold and brassy look, does wonders for the "look" of an older looking bathroom. 

Bathroom renovation ideas for small bathrooms wouldn't be complete if we didnt bring up the idea of tile.  This is a remarkable simple and easy method of completely redoing the look of a room with very little headache and fuss, and no more than a day's worth of time, with the bathroom out of commission for only a few hours.  At your local hardware store (or his website), you'll find magnificent selections of tiles in every conceivable hue, and you're sure to find a bathroom design and bathroom color thats exactly right for you.

If you're handy enough to be a do-it-yourselfer, tiling a small bathroom is a satisfying accomplishment; if a construction expert does it for you, it's still less than a day's work.  Dont forget the decorative tiles in Old European designs that are currently the rage - these, rather than new pictures or elaborate wall decorations, make a splendidly different "Eurobathroom."

A new paint job, one with cooler or lighter hues and a new color palette, can often do wonders for a bathroom, with minimal expense, but a dramatically different overall effect.   A single brush, a single person and a single afternoon accomplishes it all. 
Finally, if you're looking for small bathroom renovation ideas that don't break the bank, consider corner and commode wicker shelving, available in different sized units for corner, cornices or set over commodes, thus creating new shelving at a minimum of lost space and a maximum of economy and exotic looks.

So when you think bathroom renovation, you could possibly rip out the shower and get a whole new bathtub.  Or you could consider the smaller ideas, and with the least money out of pocket, find some bathroom renovation ideas that are out of this world.

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