Cheap Bathroom Remodel How to Do It

Remodeling, if not well planned for, can be a hassle. It is a process riddled with dust, pain and misery, even so, it does not have to be. This is your guide to a cheap bathroom remodel and how to do it best. All without any tears, grime, blood or dust. The first place to begin is your shower or bath-tub. Before tearing out your tiles because they look dull or stained, consider getting a different cleaner. Seek opinions online or from friends on the best cleaner there is out there. Even a mild nylon cleaning pad and good soap can clean the toughest of rust stains. Similarly you could get a shower or bathtub liner instead. For showers you could consider getting a new shower enclosure. It will give the space a fresh outlook and costs under $200. You can even get a new miser shower head, which saves on water and money in the long run. Another bit is the shower curtain which is what most people notice first. As part of your cheap bathroom remodel, get a color that correlates to the mood of your bathroom and to the toilet covers and towels. Light colors complement small spaces and dark ones bigger spaces.

For the water closet, it is best to try and match it to the bathtub or shower. A toilet is an inexpensive fixture comparatively but the low-flush ones are not. However, you may get a toilet tank water saver instead. This is a tool that fits in the toilet tank and only allows enough water in the tank for the flushing job. For the sink area, if it is a drop-in one and has chips or cracks in it then it can be replaced for less than $100. The acrylic ones can be gotten for $150. However, if the problem is a bland outlook then you can jazz it up with fixtures like the shower ones.

For a built-in vanity the best thing to do by way of a cheap bathroom remodel is simply repaint it. You can also change the doors out. For the doors, you should take measurements and visit cabinet workshops to find oddly-shaped cabinet doors and sets. If the measurements match you could get a cheap set of attractive doors. Try to get new hardware so the racks and water fixtures match. For the floors linoleum can be an attractive solution for small or medium-sized bathrooms. It can be rolled over a section of the floor and glued on. If the floor is already linoleum then scrub it with neutralizing agent and then apply mastic before laying out the new linoleum. Molding should be installed to hold the edges down.

Tiles are also cheap and can be installed over flooring. Handymen can do it cheaply but you can also do it on your own if your bathroom is small. Big tiles can be used on the walls from the ceiling to the floor. Adding light bulbs to the side of the mirror also adds a nice touch to the bathroom makeover. It is a fact that remodeling the bathroom is harder than other rooms. They are placed deeper into the structure of the house and removing anything can cause a major disruption. For that reason it is also harder to bring new materials into the house especially because you are doing it through rooms that should be clean. Also, bathrooms have little or no windows at all so nothing can be moved using that route. The best thing to do is simply to heed to the fix rather than replace  axiom.

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