Marvelous Master Bath Remodel Ideas

A master bath is a must have for any homeowner.  A master bathroom with personal spa amenities and equipped in fashionable fixtures offers a level of extravagance and indulging that people usually leave home to find.  It is well known in real estate circles that a home without a master bath has a lower resale value.  If you ever want to put your home on the market, or you just want to enjoy the luxuries it can afford, creating a master bath will be an incredibly rewarding undertaking.

For more than a decade, master bathrooms have been growing grander in scope and scale.    For some, a lavish bathroom is a status symbol.  In reality, modern life is growing more hectic.  People are working longer hours, leaving home earlier, and returning later than a generation ago.  Some of us need a comfortable getaway when we get home.

New deluxe shower systems come prefabricated with an array of features including pulsating jets, adjustable handheld shower heads, and even televisions and docks for mp3 players.  Some upscale homeowners are opting for steam equipped showers to act as their own personal sauna.  For really busy couples, a bathroom fitted with both a spacious shower and luxurious oversized tub means no waiting your urn in the busy hour or two before leaving for the work day.

When it comes to high - end countertops, stone is the preferred material; although, custom or hand - painted ceramic tile offer a classic alternative.  Glass tiles are also in vogue for their reflective qualities.  Because stone and tile are have enormous appeal but are cold to the touch, some are opting to install heat lamps over tubs and showers, or radiant heat systems under the floor to keep bathers comfortable.  Heated towel bars are also a newly popular amenity. 

If privacy is something you crave in your master bath, a separate enclosed toilet might suit your taste.  You can create a private toilet room, or just incorporate a glass block or sand - blasted glass partition wall to offer privacy without eliminating light.  Consider converting a linen closet, so long as you can sacrifice the storage space.  For an added bit of indulgence, install a bidet in you toilet room.  A custom designed dressing area with a vanity, usually located between the bedroom and the bathroom, can be a welcome addition as well. 

Creating privacy does not mean sacrificing lighting.  You can consider supplementing the natural light of a single or small window by adding a roof window or a skylight.  A row of casement windows in the shower located close to the ceiling or at arm level can also be a nice addition.  For supplemental artificial lighting, light sconces on either side of the mirror provide glare free lighting.

Of course, your master bathroom does not have to be opulent and expensive.  You can still create luxury on a budget.  Spa amenities might be out of your price range, but there are some whirlpool tubs whose prices might be a pleasant surprise.   You can stick to standard fixtures and fittings and still end up with a stylish bathroom getaway. A grand master bath can make a bold statement about you lifestyle.  Having a relaxing area to start and end your day can be just the thing to help you charge and recharge yourself.  Research shows that people who are well rested and relaxed perform better at work and in school.  A remodeled master bathroom can add value to your home and give you that edge you need to tackle your day.  There is a wide variety of choices, and they don't have to be expensive to be elegant.

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