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Whenever the summer is coming, be prepared for high electricity bills.  If you seem to always get shockingly high electricity bills, at the end of every month, read on to discover some low-cost energy saving tips. To begin with, learn to be a speedy and energy efficient chef. If you use microwave for cooking, you will be saving one-third of the energy normally consumed by a stove. A fully loaded dishwasher consumes lesser energy and air-drying the dishes would save even more. Keep the fridge packed with food and defrost regularly, so as to maintain the cooling effect every time the door opens. While purchasing new appliances, go for energy efficient models. Here are others.

The thermostat temperature should be kept 6 -7 degrees Celsius lower then the normal, at night or when away from home. This saves about 2% of energy for every 1 degree Celsius lowered. Ceiling fans allows air movement and makes the room cool.

To keep up the efficiency of your furnace and save the cost of operation at the same time, be sure to give it regular maintenance. Clean the filter and lubricate the internal parts of the furnace to keep your house warm and cozy.

Use cold water while doing your laundry, as most of the energy is consumed in heating the water. Running full loads, using moisture sensing setting and proper cleaning of the dryer after each use are some of the best ways to help save energy and save money.

Electrical Appliances
If you are planning to replace your air conditioner, then save excessive waste of energy and money by purchasing an energy-efficient model. Switch to energy-efficient low-wattage compact fluorescent lighting and fixtures to reduce the lighting bill. Also get the defective plumbing faucets fixed to avoid wastage of water, electricity or gas.

Windows And Door Shading
During the blistering summer, shade your home from sun by installing patio covers, solar window screens, and awnings. This way, you can reduce excessive energy consumption as required by the air conditioner to make the house cool.

Defective ducting can account for nearly 25% of cooling cost on an average. Regular testing, cleaning and repairing of leaking ducts save ample of energy from being wasted. Make space for some gap around pipes and ducts to enable effective ventilation.

Avoid using the fireplace and the central heating system at the same time. You can trap warm air and prevent it from escaping through the chimney by using dampers.

Attic Insulation
If the current insulation level is R-19 or lower, then raise attic insulation to R-30. This saves about 10% of energy.

A little investigation and smart purchases can assist in being eco-friendly and a few bucks richer!

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