Qualifications Needed to Become an Electrician

When you know the qualifications needed to become an electrician you can easily determine whether this is the right career for you or not. Electricians help in maintaining, managing and troubleshooting different electrical systems. They assist in brining power to commercial, industrial and residential complexes. An electrician can be employed in different industries where they install and fix electrical components and wiring.

An electrician can specialize in repair and construction although they usually perform the two functions. Nevertheless, to become an electrician you have to meet certain requirements or qualifications. The qualifications to practice in different countries vary but there are qualifications that are common in most states.

Among the common qualifications for becoming an electrician include the following:

Educational qualifications
Apprenticeship programs are the main way via which electricians acquire career training. However, there are electricians who acquire knowledge through a training that starts with attending classes where they are taken through a vocational program by electricians’ helpers. However, they still have to go through a complete apprenticeship. After pursuing electrical diplomas in high school or equivalents, the candidates can also apply for apprentices via different unions. After completing the programs the apprentices qualify to become journeymen who can work on repair and construction projects.

In most countries, licensing is a must requirement for one to be a qualified electrician. There are boards in different countries that license electricians after they complete qualifying tests on building codes and electrical applications. Self-employed electricians who work as contractors might be required to earn separate contractor’s licensing after completing a program in this field.

Apprenticeship training
Most apprentices get about 600 hours in-class instructions on electrical circuits, blueprint reading and safety principles. Apart from classroom learning, they also get on-the-job training with supervision from experienced electricians. They can also practice soldering different electrical components and wiring outlets. This is among the requirements for one to qualify to become an electrician in some countries.

In most countries, one must be aged 18 years and above to qualify to be an electrician. However, there are states that allow individuals to become electricians at the age of 21 years. This is after completing a degree, certificate or diploma program in this field. A GED or high school diploma is a requirement in some countries.  In addition, the person must have high level of physical and mental aptitude to become an electrician.

In some states, one must prove that they have working knowledge of the electrical safety measures and electrical codes. They must have also specialized in commercial and residential wiring courses and practices to become electricians. This is proved through work experience acquired by completing an apprenticeship program that is approved by the relevant board.
It is important to note that the qualifications that are needed to become an electrician vary slightly. However, electricians must have educational qualifications and experience acquired through an apprenticeship program that has been approved by the relevant board. The duration for the apprenticeship program also varies but in most states it lasts for about five or four years. During the program, students work under the supervision of an experienced journeyman electrician or master electrician.

Apprenticeship is the most crucial aspect of the educational career of an electrician because it enables them to work on practical or real projects such as switch lighting, home remodeling, assembly lines and rewiring of electrical systems. During the apprenticeship, most programs offer salaries to students and they can also be helped with job placements after completing their training program. The apprentice will also have to pass a licensing exam which is a requirement for the student to qualify to become an electrician.
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There are many qualifications needed to become an electrician and they vary from one country to another. Aspiring electricians should consult the relevant board to know them. 

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