Insurance Companies How To Choose The Best Auto Insurance

How do you choose the best auto insurance?  You probably do it by finding the best auto insurance company. Okay, so how do you choose the best auto insurance company?  There are several steps to that procedure, but none of them take much time or energy, just a little research. 

Its important to remember that no one needs to survive all month on Cup O Soup meals to get their car insured.  The key to all affordable things in life is to find every factor that will keep the prices low.  There are four basic considerations to lowering the premiums in the search for inexpensive auto insurance. 

First of all, one has to consider the kind/model of car being insured.   The car owner has to imagine it in a major accident, and ask what kind of replacement parts will it need?   What kind of repairs will have to happen?   What about if its completely totaled? </P> <P>These are not questions the car owner asks just for fun, since all insurance experts, particularly automotive ones, base premiums on the expense of repairing or replacing a certain make/model of automobile.   They also base their best auto insurance premiums on the likelihood of an accident in the first place.

If the driver has a classic oldie, a convertible model, a European sports car or a fuel-saving compact, they will all cost less at the gas pump, but more in the insurance premiums.   The smaller ones vehicle is, the greater the chance of creating major damage in an auto accident that would leave larger models with a smaller repair bill.  An SUV, a truck, a big hauler or at least a non-compact insures smaller premiums, as there is less possible damage in a fender-bender.

The next question to consider is the drivers age and, believe it or not, gender.  As unfair as it may seem, a younger male driver will pay more in premiums than an older male or female will.  Younger females pay less, despite all the jokes out there about women drivers, because young men, based on the statistics, have the preponderance of accidents while driving, far more than adults.   That preponderance of possibility raises premiums. 

Yet another example of how life is not fair, especially to men, but its true males, especially young males, traditionally pay more.   If its any compensation, at a certain age, the elderly pay very high premiums for the privilege of continuing to get behind the wheel, for the obvious reason that they have more wrecks, statistically.   

The third consideration to getting inexpensive auto insurance again believe it or not is the car owners zip code.  If the neighborhood of the car owner has a high crime rate, and large incidence index (meaning the number of times certain crimes happen), he/she will pay more in premiums.  People who live in rural areas pay far less than people in urban and central city locations if there are more people in the zip code, there is usually more crime in the zip code. 

The last consideration is in many ways the most vital, as the insurance company considers the owners driving record; its expected to come up, and it certainly will, especially if one is accident-prone in ones vehicle.  Moving violations, accidents (that were the insureds fault) and traffic citations all make up the picture that determines, sometimes in the hundreds, the amount of annual auto insurance the owner pays.   The finest discount trick out there is a clean driving record this also helps the credit rating and ones overall internet status. 

There are also a number of reductions for non-smoking, non-drinking consumers as well, and one should explore them all before choosing the best auto insurance.

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