Finding Best Under 21 Car Insurance

Car insurance premiums for persons under the age of 21 are usually higher than those of adults. This is because persons under 21 do not have experience driving and are more likely to engage in high-risk driving, meaning there is a higher risk of accidents. Statistics show that young drivers are up to 10 times more likely to be involved in serious accidents. Overconfidence and the folly of youth play a major part in accidents while the installation of expensive car stereos and stylish hatches contribute to theft. There are, however, several tips that will help you in finding best under 21 car insurance.

There are several types of under 21 car insurance, all with different premiums. These include third party insurance which insures you against injuries or damages caused to others or property, third party, theft and fire insurance which covers the replacement and repair of your car following theft or a fire over and above the normal third party insurance, and comprehensive insurance which covers you as well as the other driver. The cheapest option is the third party insurance (which is state mandated) and the most expensive is comprehensive insurance.

If you do not want to spend too much on premiums, consider going to an insurance company that offers a big no-claims discount. This is basically a discount that is given to policy holders who go a whole year without making a claim. This varies from 60% to 25%, depending on the insurance company. Consider the no-claims discount that will be given by the insurance company several years down the line. Note that you could do repairs yourself when the under 21 is involved in an accident to take advantage of this. Another option is paying a little more for no-claims discount protection. You will pay between 10 and 15% and the no-claim discount will be available after 4 years with most insurers. Note that there are insurance companies where the no-claims discount is not affected with a maximum of 2 claims per year.

Different cars fall under different insurance group and you should, therefore, consider buying a cheap car. Ensure that the car is secure and safe since insurance companies consider the security and safety features that have been put in place when determining premiums. You will get significantly lower premiums if you take your under 21 through such courses as a PassPlus course for improved driving skills. You will pay a lot less in insurance premiums if you keep the car stock - modifications attract high premiums.
Note that a good car insurance policy is not only one that is cheap. You should consider the history of the company in honoring claims and its financial strength when finding best under 21 car insurance. There are several sources of information that will give you valuable tips such matters as where to find the best under 21 insurance company, what you expect to pay, and what to expect from a good insurer.

You could get recommendations from friends, relatives, or colleagues who have such insurance. You could join a blog, a discussion forum or any other online community discussing the issue. You could also read independent reviews in auto magazines and in review websites. Reviews are great because they give you both the merits and the demerits of the insurer in question.

There are car insurance comparison websites that you can use in finding best under 21 car insurance. All you have to do is input your requirements and you will get quotes from different insurance companies. This is a good option of finding a car insurance company because the companies here will be vetted and you will not be restricted to what is available in your city.

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