How to Get Cheap Auto Insurance At 18

Want to know how to get cheap auto insurance at 18?  Eighteen year olds are considered adults when it comes to voting and serving in the military.  However, they are still considered kids when it comes to buying car insurance.  While these rates will always be higher, there are things you can do to lower them.  Here is a breakdown of some of the most common ways a young driver can reduce their cost of auto insurance. 

Get More That One Quote

This should always be the case, but especially for teenagers.  Finding cheap car insurance always involves getting more than one rate quote.  Some websites can provide you with multiple quotes at the same time.  Always check with your local independent agents.  They have a better chance of finding affordable insurance for young drivers because they have access to several companies. 

Maintain Good Grades
Insurance companies discovered long ago that students who make good grades also make safer drivers.  By maintaining a B average in high school or a 3.0 in college, you can save hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance for teens.  This discount can be as high as 10%.

Keep Work Or School Close To Home
Insurance companies want to know where you work and go to school because it affects how many miles you will drive in a year.  How to get cheap auto insurance at 18 is easier when you work or go to school close to home.  When you drive fewer miles than average, you qualify for low mileage discounts.

Buy An Inexpensive Car
You can't get cheap car insurance for an expensive car.  Wait until you turn 25 to buy that fancy sports car.  Until then, when you are still considered a kid by the car insurance companies, drive a less expensive and more practical car.  Insurance companies charge less to cover cars that cost less to repair or replace.  When your rates go down on your 25th birthday, you can get that high performance car of your dreams.  Until then, think practically.

Take A Driver's Education Course
Although most schools have stopped offering these classes, they are still available and still a good way to save money on insurance for young drivers.  Car insurance for teens encourages taking these classes.  If your high school offers the class, then take it.  Otherwise, you will have to pay for the class.  Still, the cost of the course will be made up by the savings in insurance premiums. 

Consider A Higher Deductible
When you are buying that less expensive car, put away the money you save and keep it available to pay a higher deductible if you should get into an accident.  Higher deductibles mean more out of pocket expense if you get into an accident, but they also mean lower rates.  And, the money you save will be more that the increase in the deductible.  So long as you can keep the money for the higher deductible available, this can amount to a substantial savings without putting you at greater risk. 

How to get cheap auto insurance at 18 is relative.  An eighteen year old will always pay more for insurance than an older driver because young drivers are a greater accident risk.  Statistics clearly show a drop in the accident rate when drivers reach the age of 25.  Insurance companies cover this additional risk by charging higher rates to younger and less experienced drivers.  Still, there are things any young driver can do to lower those rates to a level that is more affordable.  When buying insurance, be sure to ask about the availability of these discounts to lower your insurance costs.

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