How Much Is Auto Insurance a month

How much is auto insurance a month might be a question that most teens begin to ask because their parents have said no to a car.  More seasoned drivers also have that question because car insurance can be a good chunk of money and is probably one of the higher priced bills that people have to make room for in their budget.  Cheap auto insurance is the goal for many, but also getting good coverage is important because if you have an accident and the policy doesn't pay, you are left with the repair bill in addition to all the money you have paid for the insurance.

Getting auto insurance quotes before you purchase a policy is a very sensible thing to do.  Make sure when you are getting the quote that you are comparing comparable coverage because if the level of coverage differs, then usually the cost of that does, too.  For example, if you compare the cost of comprehensive insurance, you want to make sure that the deductibles are the same amounts.  It wont be helpful if you compare a two hundred dollar deductible with a thousand dollar one.  The premiums will certainly be different because the coverage is in spite of the fact that they are both comprehensive.

Auto insurance quotes are a great way to look for cheap auto insurance, but understanding what kinds of coverage you need, may also help.  If you have a new or used car that has a loan on it or if you lease a car, then the lender, the bank, usually will stipulate that you have comprehensive insurance on the car for the life of the loan.  This is to protect their investment if you should get into an accident.  Without it, if you total the car, they could potentially lose their investment, and interest, on your loan since the car would no longer be around to pay for. 

If you own an older vehicle, some of the insurance coverage could be left off your policy, if you wish.  A question to ask the agent might be, How much is auto insurance without comprehensive coverage? Comprehensive pays for the cash value of your car, so if it is valued at less than about four thousand dollars, then you may not want to cover it with the comprehensive coverage.  The savings in the monthly payment might be worth the risk of not having it.

The price of insurance is not only dependent on the age of the car, the age of the driver and the area in which the car is driven, but it also depends upon the type of coverage that you purchase and how much of it you buy.  For example, if you buy a policy that pays fifty thousand dollars for personal injury, then that cost should be different than the cost of a hundred thousand dollar coverage. Deciding what makes sense for your lifestyle, your budget and the car that you drive can be the best way to buy car insurance.

How much is auto insurance a month can not be answered with one number or amount.  Some factors including how old the vehicle is and where it will be driven most of the time can affect the price of insurance.  Your age and years of driving experience and sometimes even your credit can affect the price, as well.  Getting some quotes to find the best policy for the money is a smart way to approach this cost.  Since you need insurance to drive a car, getting the facts you need to make a good decision about your policy makes sense.

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