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Find the Best Commercial Real Estate Agent in Calgary 2019 Best Realtor near me


Looking to find the best commercial Real Estate Agent in Calgary 2019? Ever ask to find the best commercial realtor near me? Whether you are looking to buy property in Calgary, or sell property in Calgary, it is a huge investment decision. You need an experienced Calgary commercial real estate agent to help and guide you through the entire process. After researching and reviewing certain criteria our selection is:

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Commercial Real Estate Agent in Calgary AB Canada is:

Royal LePage
7220 Fisher Street Southeast
Suite 110

Calgary AB Canada, T2H 2H8
Vincent Robichaud
+1 403-616-0767

Vincent Robichaud, the owner of Royal LePage, is a firm believer in making sure a customer gets exactly what they need. When you get to work with Vincent, you can count on personal, attentive, patient service, excellent knowledge of the area, great negotiation skills with expert selling strategies and/or buying strategies. 

Not all agents are the same

Step into that first meeting with your potential agent loaded with questions that can help guide you in indicating the person’s experience, expertise of your area and whether he/she could be a good fit for you in terms of personality and communication, here are a few questions you should ask:

  • How long have you been working as a real estate agent? Particularly if you are planning to buy or sell for the very first time, you want to know how much you can rely on your agent, Broker, or Realtor and the level of knowledge they have.
  • At one time, what is your average number of clients? When needed, you have to know when you’ll be able to contact your agent, and you don’t want to be put aside over other clients. When the agent has a somewhat long client list, ask how they balance the work with the other clients and if there are other team members who will be able to help.
  • Which areas do you usually cover? An agent’s knowledge is only helpful if he/she is accustomed to the area you’re buying or selling in. If the agent is not familiar with the type of property and community you’re looking at, find another agent who is more knowledgeable of the area.
  • Which types of communication do you like? You need to know how and when to communicate with your agent to get quick responses. A lot of agents use texting as a quick and easy communicator to get details across within seconds, unless you are a person who works better with phone calls or emails, search for an agent who can entertain that need.
  • Can I have three references to contact? You will get the most beneficial information out of the past clients of the agent. An agent should know what type of customer service was required, but it makes people feel better when they can be certain of the agent’s capabilities. 
  • What questions do you have for me? This will be the most important question anyone can ask an agent. The questions someone asks shows the dedication of the client’s mentality and priorities. If an agent makes an effort to get to know you, your intention and your priorities, this is a huge indicator that he/she is setting a ground work of client-centered services, which there can be no substitute. 

More about Royal LePage Benchmark

Royal LePage has their pulse on the future of real estate investment. They are aware of the low rental vacancy and can see how the population growth can add to an investor’s portfolio. Both Wealth Accumulation and Retirement Income are areas where Royal LePage can help you understand the process and benefits.

Property investment is producing positive cash flow for the investor and also provides an opportunity to grow your tax shelter portfolio. As you plan your retirement, you can rest assure Royal LePage can help you build a retirement portfolio which will experience growth and protect you again inflation.

One of their specific areas of investment is the Investment Townhouse. They will walk you through a comparison of a townhouse, apartment condo and single-dwelling home in the community of your choice. Because of the low rental vacancy and projected population growth, investing in a Townhouse property is a wise investment. It has low maintenance, lower taxes, condo fees are not included in the utilities and positions you for an easy liquidation at the right time.

Best Commercial Real Estate Agent in Calgary