Home Security Companies How they Compare

Would you trust home security companies with the security of your home? Everybody would love to live in a community where everyone respects other people's property and where one wouldn't be concerned about someone invading their homes. The many invasions reported in homes have made security companies think of solutions to this problem. Security systems that make use of technological advancements have come in handy.

Home security companies have invested in systems that will ensure the security of your home is guaranteed. Choosing a home security company for your home security matters and is one thing that can be easy when you don't have many options. Unfortunately, there is not a single home security company that has monopoly over this important aspect of daily leaving. A lot of home security companies are in the market with each offering unique products. The question then to ask is how do you choose the best home security company for your home security issues? This ultimately, will require due diligence when comparing one company to another in order to find one that meets all your needs at a reasonable cost.

But just before we get to see how the home security companies compare, here are a few statistics that would make you think twice about the benefits of home security. Close to 4 million invasions occurred annually on average between 1993 and 2000. About 40% of assaults and 58% of rapes occur in home invasions. More than 7,500 home invasions are reported daily in North America. Many people reason - if it has not happened to me then it doesn't happen or it will not happen. This reasoning in a way insulates them from considering the downside of a home invasion. Your treasured personal belonging and the lives of your lovely family can be protected if proper security systems are installed in your home.

Here are three top home security companies that we will compare in order for you to make the choice.

Frontpoint offers a do it yourself installation kit that is easy and simple to install within 30 minutes. They also provide a 30 day risk free trial just in case you want to have a test of how it works. The installation kit costs between $34.99 and $49.99 per month and it utilizes wireless technology.

Protect America
This provides additional equipments alongside the security system. These include GPS vehicle tracking, smoke detectors, security cameras and glass break detectors. If you have a large number of doors and windows to secure, then your home security system can benefit from Protect America which offers a large number of sensors. The system utilizes broadband Internet, cellular connection or a landline phone. At a cost of between $29.99 and $41.99 per month, you can comfortable have this system installed for your home security.

While this is a new entrant into the home security market, its products have interesting features. Chief among them is the GO! Control panel. This plan coordinates the network that connects all of your home smart systems into a streamlined network that effectively conserves energy. The system utilizes the wireless and smart phone technology. With excellent customer service setting this company apart, for you to acquire the system you have to budget for between $49.99 and $68.99 per month.

In order to make a good choice on a security system, you need to understand your security needs and the unique characteristics of your neighborhood. However good the products of home security companies may be, they will not serve you until you make that choice to install the system. Therefore make the choice to protect your family and treasured possessions today.

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