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Since 1990

A Customs Broker You can Trust

Gallagher Transport, a specialist in customs and logistics was founded in Portland, Oregon over 25 years ago. Our primary goal then and still today, is to be the most reliable, helpful and proactive customs broker in the business. Our dedication to our customer and to providing exceptional customer service is the foundation on which the entire company is built.

We believe in offering a personalized customer service experience, and offer solutions based on your specific needs. We have clients located throughout the U.S. and we can clear customs at any U.S. port.

Some of the customs brokerage services we offer include:

Filing entry documents

Arranging the examination and release of the goods

Contacting other Partner Government Agencies (PGAs)

Determining whether a permit, license or certification is required

Determining whether a customs bond is required

Suggesting a single or continuous bond

Recommending all risk cargo insurance

Assist you with Duty Drawback if your goods qualify

Assist with Compliance Reviews

Questions? Call us at 360-750-8830 or email us.

Personalized Service

Gallagher Transport’s company culture is like family. We all work together to get your shipments delivered on time and at a competitive rate. Our goal is to make your job easier. When working with us you will have one broker as a point of contact who will know your account and keep a close eye on your shipments.  Your customs broker’s job is to be attentive and reliable, and assist you to make sure your shipment meets all compliance requirements. Whether you have questions on importing, customs, freight or cargo insurance you can contact us anytime. We are happy to take the time to explain the process so you feel comfortable before you get started.

Portland, Oregon – Transportation and Logistics Hub

It’s location in the Pacific Northwest makes Portland, Oregon a perfect spot for easy access between the U.S., Asian and European markets. In 2016, the state agency Business Oregon (link:, reported that Oregon exports exceeded $21.9 billion (link: Its location makes it ideal for transport and logistics companies due to the easy access to direct international air and passenger flights, ocean container services, intermodal rail and trucking, warehousing, reloading and other transportation services.

Oregon’s import and export industries are as diverse as the state’s topography. According to the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis, the industries that import the greatest percent of manufacturing goods include Petroleum and Coal, Other Transportation Equipment, Computer and Electronics, Motor Vehicles and Parts, Machinery, Electrical Equipment, Total Manufacturing, Primary Metals, Apparel, Plastics & Rubber, Furniture and Textiles.

Gallagher Transport has experience in many industries and product lines including:

FDA regulated goods such as Perishables, Wine, Alcohol & Medical Equipment

EPA or DOT regulated

Specialty Equipment


Call us today to learn more about what is required for your specific shipment:

Gallagher Transport

Portland: 360-750-8830

Marine Vessels:

Our location makes our Portland office uniquely qualified to assist with bonds for Marine/Fishing Vessels.

If you are one of the following businesses we can help you with the regulatory requirements.

American Fishing Vessel going to or coming from a foreign country

American Fishing Vessel with foreign crew on board

Canadian Fishing Vessel entering or leaving the United States

Americans who purchased a fishing vessel in Canada and now wishes to bring the Fishing Vessel into the United States to be registered in the U.S.

Gallagher Transport’s experienced staff is very knowledgeable with all the rules and regulations and can help you navigate the regulatory requirements.

Hours of Operation

800 AM 500 PM
11719 NE 95th St Suite K
Vancouver WA USA, 98682
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Your Goods Are in Good Hands with Gallagher Transport International Inc

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