How Much to Hire a Plumber

If this is an emergency and you are trying to find out how much to hire a plumber, you can bet that it will be expensive.  Practicing preventive maintenance and having a plumber conduct regular inspections is much more cost effective than emergency plumbing services.  Unfortunately, very few people do this.  Instead, they wait until they have an emergency and then hire the first plumber that answers the phone.  This is too bad, because the best plumbers available can be too busy to answer the phone.  So, what you end up with is the dregs.

The steps to hiring a plumber are the same as with any other professional service.  You want to be able to talk to more than one plumber and compare their rates.  Some plumbers have websites that advertise their service rates.  This is for the convenience of people who would prefer to hire a plumber online.  Comparing rates this way is simple.  If there are reference contacts listed on the site, then you have an added bonus.  

Not every plumber is fit to perform every job.  Many plumbers choose to specialize in certain specific area of plumbing.  Some plumbers choose to specialize in construction and remodel jobs.  This is good steady work, if you can get it.  Construction site plumbers are usually able to work regular working schedules, although they sometimes need to be on call in case of an accident or emergency.  These plumbers specialize in installing entire plumbing systems, not doing repair work.  They will pick up repair work on the side when construction work gets hard to find, but that is not the lifestyle they prefer.

Emergency repair plumbers are the ones that most homeowners are accustomed to.  They are available on an on call basis, although they prefer appointments to be set days in advance.  When you have an emergency need to hire a plumber cost might be the least of your worries.  This is an advantage for the plumber, because they charge extra for emergency and off hour calls.  How much to hire a plumber is directly related to the type of work to be done and the immediacy of the situation.  

Plumbing work is not as hard as it might look.  Most of the tools and materials any one would need to perform household plumbing repair can be found at a home improvement store.  These stores also have staff on hand to answer questions about the repair you are trying to do, and are qualified to give advice and make recommendations.  Do it yourself plumbing repair is infinitely less expensive than calling a professional, especially in the middle of the night.  Many wise homeowners keep basic plumbing tools and materials on hand in case of an emergency.  

The actual cost for hiring a plumber varies according to the time of year, region of the country, and the severity of the problem.  On average, plumbers charge $25 an hour for their services.  This price might be higher or lower for you depending on the factors discussed above.  When work is hard to find, plumbers tend to reduce their rates in an effort to attract more business.  These charges are 1 to 2 times higher for late night and emergency calls, depending on the plumber.  Some plumbers offer service contracts that give you the opportunity to get a reduced rate.  There is a fee involved to secure this contract.  But, if you do not know anything about plumbing, such a contract might be a good idea.  

If how much to hire a plumber seems too high to you, then you should consider doing the repairs yourself.  Instructions for performing basic plumbing repairs can be found on line.  There are even videos showing how to perform the repair step by step.  Learning basic plumbing repair can save you a lot in emergency plumbing costs later.

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