Removing Scratches and Stains from Wood Flooring

Removing scratches and stains from wood flooring can seem to be a difficult and painstaking process, but there are products on the market that can make it easier to do and some techniques that can save your wood floor from the stains and scratches of wear and tear. Depending on the scratches, a wood floor scratch repair kit might be the solution to your problem.  A wood floor scratch and stain remover might also be the way to go for your floor.  Matching the product with the type of floor and the damage can result in a nearly perfect repair and a great looking floor.

Removing stains from wood floors can be done by using some cleaners that are safe for the type of finish that you have on your floor.  There are wax-based finishes and urethane based finishes and each needs a bit different care.  Removing stains from wood floors that have a wax-based finish can be done by using some household cleaners.  For a urethane finish on a floor a fifty-fifty mixture of water and vinegar or a cleaner that is specifically safe for urethane floors can be used.  For more serious stains some light sanding and then re-staining the area may be the only way to truly rid the floor of the stain. 

A wood floor scratch and stain remover, like a Minwax product, can be a good way to repair a wood floor that has been scratched by moving furniture or perhaps stained by something.  There are also pens that can be used to fill and finish a scratch, but the key is to match the color of the floor to the pen so that the repair will look seamless. Once the area is cleaned a bit and ready, then the pen works much like a writing pen as the user draws inside the cracks.

A bigger wood floor scratch repair kit can be used to repair the gauges and scratches in floors by matching the color of the finish on the floor just like using the pen, but these kits are designed to be used on larger areas.  The repair kits can do a nice job, but if this is the first floor that you have attempted to repair, then begin with a smaller part that may be less visible as you perfect the process and your repair skills.  Removing scratches and stains from wood flooringis a fairly simple process overall, but you must understand how to use the kits or other materials that you need to do the repair.  The worst case is that the repair won't look as nice as you would like it to, so you will need to redo the floor completely. 

Removing scratches and stains from wood flooring may be as easy as mixing up a vinegar and water solution and dabbing it on the floor or it could be a bit more involved like filling in deeper scratches and sanding and re-staining the floor.  Depending on the type of finish that you have on the floor and how extensive the damage might be can determine whether the repair can make your floor look like new again or if another solution, like a full sanding and refinishing the entire floor, is needed.  Beginning with a smaller area can be a good way to begin the repair because you will become more skilled with the technique and products that you are using before you tackle a larger or more visible area of the floor.  Using products like Minwax can make the process easier because it makes the matching process simple.