How to Refurbish a Wood Floor

Knowing how to refurbish a wood floor is very important. It helps you save money and time whenever your wood floor needs repair. Wood floors are common in many homes because they give home warmth and a welcoming feel. However, wooden floors get worn out by daily tear and wear. Scuffs, vanish or paint detracts and stains are some of the damages that can affect the beautiful look of a wood floor.

Nevertheless, you can maintain or restore the beautiful look of your floor by refurbishing it. Some contemporary wood floors are vanished while others are painted. Different floors are also made of different types of woods. As such, you should know how to go about the process of refurbishing your wood floor to avoid making costly mistakes.

To refurbish your wood floor, you need to follow certain guidelines. These are as follows:

Proper preparation is very important in achieving successful wood floor refurbishment. First, you should learn about what can be done to repair the damaged wood floor. Start by knowing the refurbishing options from which to choose the one that suits your floor. There is plenty information that will offer you this information. If possible, seek guidance from experts.

Know the process
After knowing the refurbishing option that you have, know what is entailed in the refurbishing process. Understand every step of the process before you start repairing, replacing or refinishing the damaged wood floor.

Consider the time needed by the project and work on it only when you have sufficient time to complete it. A wood floor repair project can take some days depending on the nature or extent of the damage. Therefore, engage in the repair project when certain that you have the time required to accomplish it.

Gather materials and tools
After learning about the available refurbishing options and the process, gather the necessary materials or supplies and the tools needed for the job. Start working on the project when you have assembled all the necessary tools and materials to avoid inconveniences once you start.

Prepare the damaged wood floor
The first step of the actual refurbishing project is preparing the damaged part. This entails cleaning the damaged floor properly and removing fixtures to make the refurbishing project easier.

Evaluate the damage
Once you have cleaned the floor, evaluating the extent of the damage becomes easier. This will also help you determine whether you should replace the damaged wood board. If this is the case, cut the floor using a jigsaw. After cutting the floor board, slide the wood piece beneath a board and then slightly lift it. This enables you to remove the board easily.

Replace the board
If the board was not cut properly from the store for home improvement products, cut the wood flooring board properly so that it can fit in your floor area where the damaged board came from.

Sand off the paint or vanish on damaged wood floor after removing baseboards that surround damaged wood floor and then wipe the dust using a damp cloth. Once satisfied with the texture of the wood floor, refinish or stain it. You can add character on the floor to deal with small gaps on the floor.

Once you are done with the wood floor refurbish project, use a quality vanishing product to seal and stain the wood floor.

After refurbishing the wood floor, you should allow it sufficient time for drying. This can take three or two days but it should be determined by humidity level and weather.
It is important to know how to refurbish a wood floor because it enables you to do the task even when you do not have money to hire an expert.