Why is Diet Soda Unhealthy - Soda Pop Ingredients

Diet soda is often used as a substitute for other soft drinks since it is considered healthier. The idea that diet soda is healthy stems from the fact that it doesn't contain sugar and is low in calories. However, diet soda is actually not a healthy substitute for other soft drinks. There are various ingredients in diet soda that make it an unhealthy choice. The following are some points to answer the question why is diet soda unhealthy Soda Pop Ingredients that make diet soda unhealthy

When answering the question why is diet soda unhealthy? you should consider the ingredients within diet soda. Soda pop ingredients vary. The ingredients vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific product. However, there are ingredients that are common to many of the diet sodas. The following are some of the most common ingredients included in soda pop and how they make diet soda unhealthy.

Artificial sweeteners
Many people choose diet soda as their beverage of choice since it does not contain sugar and is low in calories. Manufacturers use artificial sweeteners to achieve that sugary taste. The most common sweeteners include aspartame, acesulfame and sucralose. All of the common artificial sweeteners are FDA approved. However, there have been numerous complaints recorded against the use of these sweeteners. Many people complain of headaches, mood swings, dizziness, seizures, abdominal pain as well as nausea.

Gum Arabic
This is used as an emulsifier and stabilizer in diet sodas. This ingredient is one of the few natural ingredients in diet soda. It is extracted from natural sources including bushes and trees. Although it is a natural product, it has not been tested properly. It's side effects are therefore not truly understood. This therefore means that it has the potential to cause harm even though it has not truly been shown to.

Phosphoric acid
This is an ingredient that is commonly used in diet soda. Almost all diet sodas contain this ingredient. It is used to prevent the soda from going flat and therefore maintains that fresh and fizzy taste of soda.  Phosphoric acid is one of the most dangerous soda pop ingredients. This ingredient is absorbed by the body and causes a shift in the delicate equilibrium of phosphorous and calcium. The bones and teeth therefore leach out to maintain the balance and provide more calcium to the body. The result is weekend teeth and bones. Phosphoric acid also neutralizes hydrochloric acid in the body. This therefore interferes with digestion and could cause chronic digestive difficulties.

Calcium disodium EDTA
This is a soda ingredient that is used to ensure that the soda retains its flavor. It is also used to prevent the formation of benzene in diet soda. This is because soda pop ingredients can interact with each other to form benzene which is a well known carcinogenic. Ingredients such as vitamin c, sodium benzoate and potassium are known to combine to form benzene without the presence of calcium disodium EDTA.

Sodium and potassium benzoate
These ingredients are another major answer to the question why is diet soda unhealthy? These ingredients are commonly used as preservatives in soda. They prevent the growth and development of microorganisms in the soda including bacteria and mold. They however can react with vitamin c as stated earlier to form benzene which is carcinogenic. Benzene has been linked to the development of conditions such as leukemia. This means that drinking diet soda is similar to placing yourself at greater risk of developing the cancer. It is important to consider all the ingredients of any beverage you take to determine if it is truly healthy. Don't depend on hearsay.

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