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What if everything you’ve been told about growing a small business is completely wrong?!?
Do you Need A Good Steady Flow Of Customers, Clients Or Patients In Your Small Business?
Over the years, you’ve been introduced to many games. Blackjack, fantasy football, Monopoly, etc. For every game you’ve learned, lots of people are happy to tell you the rules of how you play the game. No one wants to tell you how to win the game.
Hi, my name is Becky Auer and I'm a 3 time multi-million dollar business owner and serial entrepreneur just like you ... and I’m going to tell you exactly where to get that winning formula for your small business.
Winning in small business requires a different set of rules – and the few people who discover them don’t often share. They enjoy the extra leg room inside the winner’s circle.
Have you heard any of these half-truths?
· “You just have to build a good business and they will come…”
· “You just have to get your name out there – marketing takes time…”
· “You need cool commercials like Nike or Apple” (which both have ungodly amounts of money to blow on advertising)
But if you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ve come to realize the brutal truth – these little mantras just don’t work.
So, let me cut to the chase and tell you how and where to figure out WHAT DOES WORK to grow a small business ...
And I do mean ANY small business, whether retail, service, professional/medical – your business is unique, but it’s not different when it comes to the marketing rules for winning.
Since 2006, I've taught thousands of business owners little-known yet proven, powerful, and profitable strategies that will bring in more money, more sales, and more customers to their businesses and who will happily pay, stay, and refer for your business!
No BS is a community for like-minded, renegade entrepreneurs who are sick of the status quo and wasting marketing dollars.
I teach a unique blend so you always leave knowing exactly what business-growth steps to take – starting the very next day.
Or contact me at
Have questions? Give me a call at: 412-301-3019
Or contact me at
This is going to be strong medicine, but some of it’s also going to be some work ... and it will challenge your thinking about your business and how to market it. Go ahead and Google me or take a look at our page to see the words from some of our happy clients. Then do yourself, your business, and yeah, your family too, a big favor and book a strategy call with me!

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9572 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh PA USA, 15237
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Becky Auer
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