Mulch Where to Find It For Less

Mulch varies by color, texture, and price.  Not all mulches are the same.  Some are good for playgrounds and footpaths, while others are better suited for mulching around trees and shrubs.  Mulch and more for your landscaping can be found at your local nursery or home improvement store.  Some municipalities offer mulch for free, as they generate a lot from different improvement projects.  You determine mulch cost per yard, so take careful measurements before you start shopping around for different mulches.  If you want to make your own mulches, you will find mulchers for rent at rental shops and home improvement stores in every town. 

You can use rocks, mulch and more to decorate you landscaping and highlight special features.  Mulching around trees is common, but many people do it wrong.  When mulching around trees, be careful not to pile it up the tree trunk.  That will invite insects and other pests that can kill the tree.  Some good rules to follow when mulching around trees are:

1. Only go one to three inches deep, otherwise you risk preventing water penetration
2. Leave about 6 inches between the tree and the mulch
3. Weed and water the area first before mulching around trees or in your garden.

Follow these rules, and you will have a strikingly attractive yard and garden. 

To save money on mulch cost per yard, you can either choose less expensive varieties or make your own with mulchers for rent at your local rental shop.  Home improvement centers are also a good source of mulchers for rent, as well as other landscaping equipment and tools.  Making your own mulch is a great way to recycle organic material from your garden or home.  Using mulchers for rent to make your own mulches allows you to know exactly what is in the mulches you are using in your yard.  Homemade mulches can be made from leaves, wood, or some other organic materials.  Mulches made from leaves are good for the garden, whereas wood mulches look better around trees and shrubs. 

Another way to save money on mulch cost per yard is to go to specialty shops with names like Mulch and More.  These businesses specialize in all types of mulches.  They will have a wider selection, more inventory on hand, and thus a lower mulch cost per yard than other alternatives.  If you do not live in an area where you can get mulches for free, then you should consider businesses like a Mulch and More if you have them in your town. 

Avid home gardeners save a lot of money on mulch and more by making things themselves.  Composting allows them to make their own natural and organic fertilizers.  Some even build their own garden beds with native stones.  And many use mulching lawn mowers to keep their lawns looking bright and healthy. 

While individual bags of mulch might not seem expensive, when you realize how much you are going to need, you can see mulch cost per yard can add up quickly.  Take your measurements first, calculate how much you are going to need, and then set a budget.  It might take more than one growing season to get your yard and garden looking like it was professionally landscaped.  But the wait is well worth it.  Check labels on the bags of the different mulches you are considering to make sure that they do not include any chemicals that you do not want to have in your yard or garden.  Mulching is a popular springtime project.  Follow these tips, and you can save money on mulching.

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