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Black Horse Digital UK

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Since 2014

Looking for the Best Internet Marketing Services in Lincoln England? Call 07895 383 126 for a free consultation.

Black Horse Digital UK is a full service digital marketing agency based in the UK focused on local businesses. Our Mission is to help small and local businesses achieve their dreams and passion. Businesses looking for the best internet marketing services, such as Digital Marketing in Lincoln, Press Release Marketing in Lincoln, Online Advertising in Lincoln, Social Media Management etc. should contact us for a free consultation on how we can grow your Lincoln based business fast!

There are many marketing companies in Lincoln and the surrounding areas, but if you want the best internet marketing services, whether a better performing website, an enhanced media presence, help with social networking or even to join our existing Lincoln Business Network of local small and medium business owners that agree to refer each other whenever possible, call us at 07895 383 126 for a free business consultation.

Be sure to also ask us about our Article Marketing Program, where we will create a custom article for your business and link it to one of the top 50 Online Business Directories to help ensure it gets to the top of major search engines within 1-2 weeks. Think about how many more customers will see the article focussed entirely on your business and how that will drive them into your door (not your competitors!). 

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Monday to Friday 09.30 to 17.00 excluding Bank Holidays

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When it comes to local business marketing, Black Horse Digital delivers. They understand the power and influence of an accurately written Press Release for your business, product or service. If you want your business to have more publicity and exposure online, you need to use their services, you will not be disappointed.


While there are many marketing professionals In Lincoln, very few have the skills, knowledge and the proprietary tools to get a business on the top of search engines INSTANTLY! Don't believe it? Just ask Alistair to prove it - i did!


Alistair is a great guy to work with. He delivers great work and thinks outside the box. Give Black Horse Digital a call today!


It's my pleasure to recommend Black Horse Digital located in Lincoln, England, UK. They are professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable of current internet marketing trends, and take great care of all of their clients in need of digital, internet, social media, news medial and other online marketing services. You'd find it difficult to find a better company to catapult your business online traffic and visibility...R. Smith, Business Accelerator, LLC, Greeley, CO, USA

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