Auto Insurance How To Get The Best Deal

If youre just getting that new car, youre probably young, probably in debt and probably not too sure how to get the best auto insurance deals for the little money you have left over.   You dont necessarily have to survive on Top Ramen all month, though; there are several ways to help you get cheap auto insurance.

The key to affordable auto insurance is to keep those premiums low.   You can do that with five fairly basic sets of questions:

First of all, what kind of car are you driving?   Whats it going to be like (or look like) after a head-on collision?   What kind of replacement parts are you going to need?   What kind of repairs?  How much if youve totaled it completely? 
These are not idle questions.  Auto insurance experts base your premium on how expensive repairing or replacing your car will be, and, of course, how likely it is that those ill-fated accidents occur in the first place. 

If youve got a classic convertible small auto or a sports car in a European model or a great new compact, the best for the moneywell, thats going to cost you more, ironically, than other kinds of vehicles.  You see, the smaller the vehicle, the larger the chances of immense or even total damage in case of a collision.   So if you havent purchased yet, consider a somewhat larger vehiclemaybe even a truck.  (No, you dont necessarily need to get an SUVyou believe in being green, after all).   But do get big if you can, the bigger the better, because larger is less easily damaged on the road. 

Second, are you a man or woman?  And how old are you?  Dont mean to get personal here, but this is just another instance of getting a discount, or not, based on something you have no control over, your age and gender.   If youre a young man, you will pay more.  Thats all there is to it.  Yes, you pay more when you take the girl out, you pay more when you put the kids through college and you will pay more auto insurance. 

There reason for this is quite simpleyour fellow young men are out there getting in all kinds of accidents, far more than young women or older adults.  And because that creates what they call preponderance, the insurance people automatically charge you more.  

Which means if you are a young woman, or an older adult, youll pay less.  Eventually it all works out (except that some elderly will get larger auto insurance premiums if their insurance company has more claims processed from the elderly.  Drive carefully, older generation). 

By the way, not all insurance companies do this.  You can shop around and see.

Third, whats your zip code?   Your neighborhood has a crime-incidence index, so if you live in a low-crime area, you will pay less in premiums.  For example, people who live in the country and out skirting rural areas will pay smaller premiums than people in the middle of cities.  More people around means more crime around.   Almost makes you want to move to Wyoming, doesnt it? 

Finally, whats your driving record like?  (Im pretty sure you expecting this question).  Do you have any moving violations, traffic citations, accidents that were your fault?  Well, your rate will therefore go up.  The absolute best friend you have for driving discounts is a clean record, which also helps internet status and that ever important credit rating. 

By the way, there are all kinds of reductions, discounts and online dealsfor having alarms, non-smoking, non-drinking, increasing your deductible.  Explore them all! 

So go ahead and ask yourself these questionsand get some great rates on auto insurance!

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