What Is Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is needed for a vehicle that will be driven on the road.  The idea of the insurance is to make sure that if there is an accident the cost to repair your vehicle and any damage done to another's car that might be involved, as well.  Some medical coverage is usually in policies, too if there are injuries incurred in the accident.  Accidents that involve just the owners vehicle are covered with insurance policies, so things like hitting a deer or having a rock hit the windshield are paid for, too.

Many people now use the Internet to do an auto insurance rate comparison to try and find the best policy for their needs.  Many providers like Progressive, Geico and Safe Auto have online nearly instant quotes.  Esurance is an online only insurance option, but these providers may or may not be available in all states.  Some states regulate car insurance rates and others don't so some states might have higher car insurance rates than others.

You can also call insurance providers directly or work through an auto insurance agent that can give you information about the different policies that they can write for you.  An auto insurance agent represents the larger insurance providers and can be a local person for you to contact in the event of questions or an accident.  The agent may represent one or more providers and will be knowledgeable about the coverage that each offers to her customers.

Auto insurance is important because it can provide some peace of mind that the vehicle you drive is covered in the event of an accident.  The type of coverage and the rates might depend on several factors.  One factor is the location of the vehicle.  Some communities are higher risk areas for damage and theft and this can affect the cost of the policy.  Another is if you keep your car in a garage.  If the car is out of the weather, then there is less likelihood of damage from things like hail or falling tree limbs during a storm.  How much mileage you put on your car may be a factor for some policies.  Your credit score may be a factor with some policies, at least with an initial policy, at least.  This is something that you can ask about before you buy the policy.  Finally, the make and model and even the year may make a difference for rates, as well.

Insurance rates actually vary from state to state, so doing an auto rate comparison between states may be impossible. When you do a comparison, make sure that you are comparing the same or similar coverages.  For example, looking at coverage that covers up to $50, 000 for damages and one that covers up to $100,000 will have different rates because they are different benefit amounts. 

Auto insurance is required for people to be able to drive a car.  The hope is that you will not need your car insurance often or even at all, but you are actually paying for the peace of mind that if something happens, you will not be stuck with huge bills and out-of-pocket expenses to fix or replace your car or someone else's.  The insurance coverage might vary from vehicle to vehicle and from state to state, so making a good comparison might require that you pay close attention to what it is you are comparing.  Working with an agent can make the process a bit easier and can give you a local office to go to or to call when you have a question or problem.

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