First Time Drive Car Insurance - Finding the Best Rates

If you are a first time driver looking for car insurance, it is worthwhile to understand the basic of car insurance alternatives before settling on a given insurance policy. First time drive car insurance can be costly, that is, you may have to pay higher premiums because insurance companies believe that since you have only just come from the driving school, you may commit many errors while handling your car, thus putting your life and the car at a higher risk than an experienced driver. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you cannot find a good insurance company to offer you adequate cover as a first time driver. Here are some tips on how to find the best rates:

1. Shop around
It is important when looking for cheap insurance to look at several alternatives. Do not be tempted to purchase the very first insurance policy that you come across. If you do an online search, you will find various companies offering first time drive car insurance. You should then compare the rates, discounts and other details of the policies so that you can settle on the insurer that offers the best rate.

2. Look for discounts
There are very few discounts available to first time drivers and young drivers and this implies that you simply have to be informed on where to look. Several insurance firms offer online discounts which are not available if you visit their offices. In addition, the agents of these companies are advised not to disclose discounts offered for first time drive car insurance. It is therefore your responsibility to do online research to determines which companies offer the best discounts. Such discounts are significant as they will reduce the payable premiums to a great extent.

3. Compare coverage
Whether you intent to purchase your policy online, make a phone call to the insurer or choose to visit the insurance company's local branch for a face to face talk, making a comparison of the coverage differences between several policy plans that you can afford can be highly beneficial not only to your pocket but to your car as well. There are several policy plans designed for first time drivers which feature diverse coverage benefits that offer protection to young drivers. You may need to consider purchasing one of these.

4. Ask how you can qualify for discounts
You do not have to sacrifice coverage and benefits to enjoy first time drive car insurance. You can enjoy all the benefits that you may require while at the same time getting a cheap premium by investigating how you or your motor vehicle can be eligible for any discounts that are available. If the car you intend to drive falls in a category that attracts lower insurance cover, your premiums will generally be lower. Safety features installed on the car also make the car safer or more secure, implying that it safer to drive and subject to a lower probability of theft. This also translates to lower premiums.

Therefore to get the best insurance rates for first time drive car insurance, you may need to consider having more safety features in your car such as the usual safety belts and air bags, an alarm, and lockdown mechanisms or immobilizer.

5. Check out for insurance companies that allow you to raise your deductible
Insurance companies that allow you to increase the amount that you have to pay on your deductible offer good rates because doing so allows you to pay lower premiums for first time drive car insurance.

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