Best Laser Hair Removal - Where to Go

Laser treatment is high end treatment for most hair and skin conditions. Over the years, laser treatment has undergone tremendous changes and improvements and is now one of the most sought after solutions because of the 100% corrective treatment nature. Laser hair removal is especially popular since one does not need repeat the procedure once the hair has been removed. Other options like shaving and waxing need to be repeated since the hair grows back after a period of time.

During the laser hair removal process, only a laser hand piece is used. This hand piece radiates a lot of heat and is then directed at the melanin in the hair follicle. Melanin is responsible for the pigmentation of the skin and hair.  The hair follicle causes hair growth on our skin. The general principle behind laser hair removal is that dark matter absorbs and attracts light. The dark matter in the melanin thus attracts the laser radiation enabling the removal of hair with no chance of it growing back. For the best laser hair removal results, you should be speedy and intense.  Of importance to note is that only dark colored hair such as black or brown can be removed by the use of laser. A light skinned person with dark hair would be the ideal candidate because of the color. However, laser technology keeps improving and some of the latest have had success removing hair with no melanin or black hair on black skin.. Since only the melanin is targeted, the skin around it remains unharmed throughout the hair removal process.

Normally, laser hair removal is administered through a set of treatment procedures depending on the hair. The more the hair, the more treatment you will need. . The part of the skin where the hair is being removed from also determines the intensity of the treatment. Areas with lighter skin and little hair requires less treatment and vice versa. The average sets of treatments vary from 3 to 8 per individual. This treatment is not all administered at once. You could be given a two week interval between treatments before all the hair is successfully removed.

If you are looking for the best laser hair removal, the first stop would be at your local clinic. The treatment is locally available in most clinics. It is fast and easy and does not require prior preparation. All you have to ensure is that the operator of the laser hair removal device is qualified and experienced since the manner in which it is handled could sometimes yield undesired results. While searching for laser hair removal, be sure to also visit your spa or your salon. Some of them are equipped with state of the art technological appliances for beauty therapy and laser is just one of them.

With the popularity of laser hair removal soaring, the devices have become much smaller and easier to use. You can even take one home and do your own hair removal. The devices are priced favorably for home users and are much easier to use compared to those handled by professionals.

Most people consider laser treatment as a painful experience. However, the latest and best laser hair removal devices have been improved so much to cause minimal or no pain at all. Most lasers now come with cooling devices to relieve discomfort during the procedure as well as protect the rest of the skin from any potential harm. In its absence, you can use a cooling spray specifically made for laser treatment.

Like any other medical procedure, laser hair removal could have a few side effects depending on the individual. These include blistering, redness of the skin, bacterial infections and lightening. In most cases, color has a lot to do with the side effects. Ensure that you get adequate information before administering the procedure for better results