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Are you ready to cut the cord on cable? Join the best streaming TV service in Richmond - envyTV! We provide live TV streaming of all of your favorite channels including the ones cable charges premium fees. EnvyTV includes prime movie channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and more; sports packages like ESPN Plus; and even PPV events at no extra charge. All of the channels you know and love and all the ones you wish you didn't have to pay extra for only $49.97/month! You can sign up now at

My name is Jennifer and I am a real person that was sick of paying my cable bill. Over 10 years ago, I cut off my cable after I realized that my local company was over charging me for channels that I didn't even know I had and my bill was going higher and higher. I turned it off that day and then I had immediate regret! What was I going to do without TV? I signed up for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon; I've had them all. I was never happy when I heard friends and co-workers talking about live TV shows and series they were watching. I always said  "Let me know when it comes to Netflix and we can talk about it!" I was more or less okay with the way  it was going for years, but then I was scheduled for surgery. I knew I was going to be home for weeks as I recovered, and I needed more options to entertain myself. My friend told me about EnvyTV and showed me all the channels I would have at the click o f my remote. I was sold! It also opened my eyes to a new opportunity; I could actually make money from home by telling others about this TV service. (Become an affiliate at  ) You receive $10 a month, and every month thereafter,  for every person you sign up. It is that easy! I believe in the product because I love TV, but I also want to help others discover being their own boss and create an opportunity for themselves and their families while enjoying awesome TV for less. 

It was easier than I thought starting my business. I am not into sports, but I have a lot of friends that are big sports fans. I am into food and cooking. My friends always brought their significant others over to my house to eat and socialize. I invited them to a gathering and asked if they wanted to watch the fight that night. I couldn't tell you which one it was, but they watched and they ate! They all left signed up with envyTV because they could get pay per view channels at no cost. It was as easy as that, good snacks and great TV, and my at home business was started. You can do this too, and I will help you realize your potential of being your own boss. 

You can call me or text me to my personal cell (757) 880-4247 with any questions, or call the envyTV hotline number 1-855-757-6662.  Get started today, watching TV for less (3 day money back guarantee)

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8 AM - 8 PM Sunday - Saturday

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