How to Get A Lush Green Summer Lawn

Want to know how to get A lush green summer lawn? Is your lawn greener than your neighbors? Lets face it. Everyone who has a lawn wants it to be lush and green. But when summer comes in, you are left sighing to see your lawn look dry and yellow. To prevent this from happening, you can do a few things that would keep your lawn looking fresh and green throughout the hot summer months.

Watering your lawn
The most important thing that you can do is water your lawn. The best times to do this are either in the early mornings or in the evenings. Most experts prefer lawns to be watered in the mornings. You also have to maintain a fine balance between under-watering and over-watering. The ideal time would be long enough for the water to soak at least four to six inches into the soil. Here are a few more.

Fertilizing your lawn is best done in late spring
That is because most fertilizers contain nitrogen which burn grass that is already dry. Nitrogen is an important ingredient for a healthy lawn. So it is best to feed your lawn when it is less hot. This way, the lawn won't really need any fertilizer during the hot summer months.

Grass does seem to grow really fast in summer
You might be tempted to mow the lawn often. But very short grass dries out very fast and repeated mowing is stressful for the lawn. So it is better to leave the grass a little long. This way moisture is retained in the grass and that helps in coping with the hot weather. When you do mow your lawn, make sure your mower is sharp and try not to cut off more than a third of the length of the grass.

Weeds are a problem in any lawn
You can pull them out by hand or use a mechanical weeder. You could also use a suitable herbicide. If you pull them out by hand, make sure to remove them from the root or they will grow back all over again.

Raking the lawn is important
Often some of the mowed grass falls onto the lawn. This dead grass dries up and forms thatch. If the thatch gets too thick, your lawn could be badly affected. Raking the thatch helps the grass grow better.

Maintaining a lawn can be hard work but the results are worth it. Lawns can be enjoyed by the whole family during hot summer evenings. Give a little time and effort to looking after your lawn. Then you can enjoy walking barefoot in the grass that you sowed and reap the reward!

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