Wild Holiday Decorating Ideas within a Budget

My favorite season is arriving. It is that time of the year when I unleash my imagination and go on a holiday decorating spree.

Oh, you might be thinking I have lots of money and this is yet another excuse to splurge. Of course not, my holiday decorating ideas are strictly within budget. I never spend much on them either. Many times, it is just a handful of crafts picked up from the store and a few things from my attic and my wreath is ready! 

What to Do Of Extra Lights?

I hardly have any extra lights remaining after stringing the tree. But if you do, here is something to try. Simply wind some lights around your potted plants. It will instantly liven-up your room.

Want to create a center of attraction in your room? Take 3-5 candles and set them on a tray at different heights in the center of the table. Surround the candle bases with seasonal decorations like Christmas tree cuttings, left over satin ribbons, shiny apples, nuts, found pinecones, glass ornaments, and much more.

This season, I bought a bag of cranberries from sale for just $1! What I am going to do is take a glass of water and drop in a few cranberries. Then, I will place a floating candle in it. Lovely! You can also add cranberries in bowls that contain pillar candles. Forget cranberries; if you can afford nuts, go for it! 

Apple Is Not Just For Eating!

Here is another idea. Take an apple and hollow its center so that it becomes a candleholder. Sprinkle some lemon juice over the apple to prevent browning. Fix a candle in the center. Tuck some greens around it. Light the candle. Wow, it's heavenly! Just make sure that there is a distance between the flame and the twigs at all times.

Well, I am not going to do all the thinking for you, am I? Put on your creative hats and soak yourself in the festive spirit. Christmas  and the holidays is usually around the corner. When it comes to holiday decoration, you are free to go as wild as you can!

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