Bathroom Decorating Ideas Big Effects on a Small Budget

Looking for bathroom decorating ideas but on a small budget? Why do you need new bathroom decorating ideas, anyway? Well, just think of your bathroom for a moment.  Hard to picture, isnt it?  Its the smallest room in the house, and the dullest.  Its got blank white walls (well, there's that one wildlife picture), rods for towels, a sink, a tub and shower combination, and the commode.  Big whoop.

However, with just a few of the more innovative small bathroom decorating ideas, you can have a truly remarkable room, perhaps the most artistic and interesting one in the house.   At the very least, it would make the daily shower a new and exciting adventure.

So what are some of the best bathroom decorating ideas?   One of the most creative new ones involves one of the least expensive kinds of furniture out there - wicker.  Imagine what happens to the room with the addition of a tropical look, in the form of wicker shelves, corner pieces and that unusual, plantation-style shelving designed specifically to fit above the commode tank.  A once utilitarian (and utterly boring) room is transformed into something out of the enchanted Tiki room, for less than a new paint job. 

Speaking of that, why not a new paint job?  It's cheap, it's easy, and it can usually be done in an afternoon, even with two coats.  You pick a single light shade that's completely different from the off-white blandness you've got now, and that simple change in the palette of the room creates a whole new appearance.  Or you could try a two-toned look, with a darker shade border above the lighter hue.   It's a spectacular look for those wanting bathroom decorating ideas on a small budget. 

Another one of the great bathroom decoration ideas is tile - on the floors, sure, but also in borders along the tops of the walls, around the sink, around the bathtub (to create a "sunken tub" look), set in the wall in lieu of paintings.  The Europeans have a whole new idea for tile - they choose brightly colored, elegantly glazed tiles with single patterns, pictures or designs on them, and these are set at eye level and at key places.   The mind boggles at it, but the eye is captivated. 

Finally, we haven't mentioned the piece de resistance.  This is the focal point of the bathroom, the part that takes up the whole of the vision and yet is so dull that it is completely ignored.  It's the thing you see first, and the one (now that you're used to it) you notice least.  And yet a single change, effected in this piece, can brighten, enliven and transform the entire bathroom.

Of course, we're talking about the shower curtain.  A brand new one of these, with an elegant net-sheen of gilt or silver, or a broad swatch of tropical color and design, or a single soothing and warming hue, can absolutely work miracles in a bathroom.    And of all the small bathroom decorating ideas, it's the least expensive to do. 

So now you have plenty of great bathroom decorating ideas and you can remain on your small budget. Stop reading this and get to work!

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