Space Saving Tips for Your Bathroom

Unless you own a mansion, it's quite likely that your bathrooms are small places in the house. There are plenty of things that you need to store there are bottles of shampoos, soaps, hand towels, bath towels, medicines, first aid kit, wash rags, toothpaste and brushes, conditioners, lotions, cremes, the list never ends!  What's worse is that all such stuff is spilling in your bathroom and giving it a clammy look. Do you need to bring down the walls and redesign a new bathroom? No! Are you destined to live with a crammed up bathroom? Of course not!

Well in that case, you just need a few space saving tips. Yes, you CAN save space in a bathroom brimming with supplies. You can stuff every needed supply in this tiny place and yet give it a neat and classy look.


Do you really need that old bottle of shampoo? Are there more toothbrushes in your bathroom than family members? Does every medicine belong to this humid corner of your house? My! Now you've realized how much space had been consumed by unnecessary items! Get rid of the clutter and already your bathroom becomes spacious.  Why not transfer your shampoo from those bulky bottles to sleek ones? They look neat and save space. Hmm...good idea!

Towels and more towels...your bathroom is full of them! Well, you can't get rid of this stuff, but you can certainly have a built-in rack or towel bar to hand them in place. How about having a multi-tier rack a la 5-star hotel style? You also need bars to hang wet towels separately, right?

Install a standing cabinet to your bathroom. It can accommodate most of your bath supplies and yet save space. Match the color of your cabinet with that of the sink and mirror to give a chic look. Guess what? You can get a large mirror to give an illusion of space.

Get a cute glass door shelf. Place it adjacent to your bath tub. Make sure to match it with your towel set. It looks cool! Now, you can display your range of expensive soaps you got as Christmas gifts. There's another advantage of glass shelf. You can know what stuff is at what place just by glancing at it. You needn't open each shelf. Saves time, eh?

Space saving tips don't just end here. There are plenty of them. Just DON'T stop thinking!

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