Architectural Salvage An Affordable Artistic Alternative

Architectural salvage is a very under used source for great designing ideas.  Shopping for interior decorating items in stores that specialize in reclaimed design materials is not unlike looking for a new wardrobe with vintage clothiers.  You might have to make several stops at different shops before you gather everything you need to bring a room or an entire home together, but the process is most rewarding.  At the end of the day, you will discover that you have not only saved a lot of money but found some long lost treasures and artifacts.  Give those items a light modern treatment, and you have a look that is both vintage and modern, yet unique.

When shopping for reclaimed design materials, know from the outset that there is no set pricing structure.  You will find that prices for similar items will vary greatly from one source to the other.  Those who are best at accumulating reclaimed items or in home dcor learn very quickly how to shop around.  Through the shopping process, they learn the relative value of most items, which makes it much easier for them to spot a real bargain,

Using reclaimed design materials for new interior design projects is also an eco-friendly alternative.  Every item that is recycled is one that does not end up in a landfill.  It also means one less item that has to be produced, minimizing the carbon footprint of your project.  The production of any sort of design materials requires the use of energy.  Recycling and reclaiming vintage items uses much less energy and puts much less strain on the environment.  But just because you are making use of previously used items doesnt mean that you have to sacrifice quality.  You might have to shop around a little, but keep quality in mind and you will not have to settle for less. 

Making use of salvaged items is also easier on your wallet.  Substantial savings can be found by reclaiming vintage items. Modern design companies charge relatively high prices for items that mimic the look of antique fixtures.  Why pay extra for a chest of drawers that looks like it was made during World War II when you can find one that actually was.    The authentic items might need a little touch up work, but that expense pales in comparison to paying for a new antique looking dresser.

While procuring classic materials for your project can be financially rewarding and leave you feeling good about your impact on the environment, it is also rewarding from a purely aesthetic standpoint.  Many great items can be found in vintage furnishing stores and even at your local junkyard.  These items can add a weathered and work look to a room that might otherwise be too clean and bland in appearance.  Reclaimed materials are eye catching, and can be great conversation pieces when used properly. 

So if you are looking to start a new interior design project yet are struggling for ideas that are unique, the shopping for architectural salvage is probably your answer.  You can find vintage shops in just about every city, and most large towns.  Many small towns can also be host to whole villages of shops of this nature, attracting visitors from miles around for the bargains.  Antiques do not have to be expensive.  If purchased correctly, they are actually less expensive than modern alternatives.  The next time you see a shop filled with reclaimed items, step inside and have a look.  You might find that one piece that can complete a look in your home.  You also might find a new passion for reclaimed architectural items.

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