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A healthy lifestyle is important for a healthy individual. You must get your body in good shape, make sure that you get all the nutrients you require and exercise enough as well as detoxify every once in a while to get rid of toxins from your body. It is also important to keep your weight in check because excessive weight may cause life threatening diseases. If you have struggled with weight issues, you may want to try a new kind of diet by ensuring that you take healthy meals at all times. As you do that, make sure you check the calories of your food. If you like to have an occasional drink, ensure that you also take healthy alcoholic drinks. You may be shocked to find that you are still adding weight despite sticking to a healthy meal diet. These extra calories may be from the cocktails or the beers you indulge in once in a while.

So, which alcohol has the fewest calories? Well, different kinds of alcohol are different on the diet scale. Alcohol is not really encouraged especially for people on diets. However, the occasional drink may not hurt. Most alcohol are low in carbs and are fat free, however, the calories may be higher than what your body needs. If you are on a diet, the best alcohol drink to accompany your meals and indulge in on social outings is wine. Wine in moderation will not impact negatively on your weight loss. Wine has an average of 20 calories per ounce which you can probably burn by simply chewing your food.

Both red and white wine are good depending on what the occasion is. If on a party mood, five glasses of wine will translate to just 100 calories. This is still in the safe zone. However, even if you choose to indulge, ensure that it is on an occasional basis. You should also note that sherry has slightly more calories than wine so you may want to avoid it.

Whenever anyone asks, "which alcohol has the fewest calories?" Most people instantly think of hard liquor. This is anything from brandy to vodka to whisky and so many others. Because of the mostly bitter taste, most people tend to believe that hard liquor has fewer calories. However, this is far from it, because hard liquor and liqueurs generally have the highest calories. In addition to this, most people like to add soda to their drinks to get rid of the bitterness. The end result is a glass full of calories.

Depending on how many shots you do in a night, you may end up ingesting a lot of calories within a few hours. If you choose to take liquor, use mixers with fewer calories such as tonic water or diet soda. Beer is also a safe drink for people on diet. It is not high on calories and you can also choose to take "light" beer which has much less calories.

As you have fun during the holidays, do not miss out on the fun because you are afraid of adding more weight. If you were wondering which beer has the fewest calories, now you know. You can go out with your friends, host a party and have your drinks with no fear of adding on some extra calories Maintain a healthy diet throughout even as you mingle with different people. Everything is good in moderation so make sure not to over indulge. Drinking in excess is not just bad for your weight but it is harmful to your general health. Have fun but stay healthy.

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