Ingredients in Diet Soda - What is in them

Many people have turned to diet sodas to aid them in weight loss. Diet sodas are viewed as the healthier choice as they do not contain sugar and are low in calorific value. However, very few people take the time to actually look at the ingredients in Diet Soda. It is important to understand that not all diet sodas are the same. The ingredients used to make them vary widely. The following are the most common ingredients in diet soda. If you are interested in ensuring that you maintain good health, find out what is in them and how it affects your health.

Carbonated water
Carbonated water is the main ingredient in all diet sodas. This is the liquid part of the soft drink. The carbon dioxide in the water gives the soda that fizzy quality. It also ensures that the soda remains tasting fresh for a longer time.

Artificial sweeteners
All diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners to give them that sweet taste without actually using sugar. The actual sweeteners used vary, however they must all be FDA approved to be used in a diet soda. Some of the most common artificial sweeteners include acesulfame potassium, sucralose and aspartame. These sweeteners provide a sweetened taste without the side effects of sugar as regards weight gain.

Gum Arabic
Gum Arabic is a natural ingredient derived from natural sources including trees and bushes. This ingredient is used to stabilize the diet soda as well as emulsify it.

Phosphoric acid
This is an ingredient contained in many but not all diet sodas. It is the ingredient that ensures that the soda does not go flat. Phosphoric acid is a common ingredient in other soft drinks. However, if taken in large amounts it has detrimental effects on the teeth and bones as it can leach them out so as to restore the balance of calcium and phosphorous within the body.

Artificial coloring
Artificial coloring is used in many diet sodas that have color. Caramel is an artificial color that is often used by companies to give the brown color to cola flavored diet sodas. <

Calcium Disodium EDTA
This is an ingredient that is used in stabilizing the diet soda. It is mainly used to prevent the formation of benzene. Benzene is well known for its carcinogenic characteristics. Benzene can be formed through the interaction of other ingredients in diet soda such as potassium and sodium benzoate combining with vitamin C.

Citric acid and citric pectin
These are both natural ingredients that are taken from natural sources. Citric pectin is taken from citrus plants and is used as a stabilizing agent. It also acts as a binding and emulsifying agent in the diet soda. Citric acid is also a natural product extracted from citrus fruits. It is mainly used for giving flavor to the soft drink. There are several other ingredients in diet sodas that differ depending on the manufacturer's preferences. Those listed above are the ingredients that are the most common in these sodas.

There are many ways that the ingredients in diet sodas can affect your health. The following are the most common effects:

Weight management
Many people use diet sodas to manage their weight. This is because diet sodas do not have sugar. They therefore have a lower calorific value than many other beverages. However, according to studies, artificial sweeteners may lead to weight gain as your body tries to fill the calorie deficit.

Bones and teeth
Phosphorous and other ingredients in the diet soda can lead to leaching of the teeth and bones if the soda is taken in large amounts. It is therefore advisable to take diet soda in limited amounts.

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