What do Attorneys do

What do attorneys do? We have all heard of attorneys, but really... What do they actually do? There are various legal services that the attorneys provide. These services, essentially, entails them to advise their clients as regards what protections and liabilities the law gives or imposes upon them. Attorneys are filled with the knowledge as to how the legal structure of the state affects their client personally. They are basically well-versed in the repercussions of the law for both individuals and businesses. 

They Research 

Attorneys have a well-structured process for coming up with a sound legal advice. They will do a step wise legal research to prepare for a case or arbitration. Attorneys take interviews, they search of relevant case laws and review them. After the research they structure oral arguments to favor their client. 

They have different Expertise 

There are segmentations within the whole legal framework of the country. This is to say there are several branches of law: criminal law, corporate law, constitutional law, environmental law, family law, health law, civil rights law, intellectual property law, immigration law, employment law, personal injury law, and tax law etc. Attorneys work within one or few of these branches to assist their clients. Attorneys are usually working for a law firm or they might provide their services as a legal representative for a particular organization, say a healthcare institution. 

Attorneys apply their knowledge of law in the court and follow the court procedures to provide legal representation for their clients and make a case for them for the judge. There are often times a jury involved as well who has to be convinced for whatever the client is pleading. Attorneys are also well-versed in not letting a certain case go to trial, and they work up a settlement between the two parties so as to reach a resolution.  

Lawyers or Attorneys?

The terms attorney and lawyer are usually used interchangeably. However, they have some difference between their practices. Attorney is the one that has cleared the bar in their respective state. They are the ones who are allowed to practice law in a professional capacity and provide legal representation to their clients and formally argue for their cases. They could take up working for the prosecutors’ office or they could work for the defendants. On the other hand, anyone could be called a lawyer if they have a law degree. 

Where do they work?

Attorneys work in various work settings. There are attorneys working within a proper law firm which gives legal representation to their either individual or corporate clients. This affords them bigger exposure towards the legal realm. However, there are some attorneys who also start their own business. Attorneys are also hired by the larger corporations for their separate internal legal department. These corporations need attorneys to provide legal advice to them in case of lawsuits against them or to claim a wrong against them. 

Some attorneys choose to follow their law practice by being public defender and providing counsel to those who cannot pay for legal representation. Regardless, we hope this article helps you get better informed as to what do attorneys do. 

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