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Finding legal advice for free is somewhat difficult.  After all, time is money to a lawyer.  Giving advice is a large part of what they do to earn a living, and they are not apt to give it out for free.  The old adage that you get what you pay for can also be true.  Advice from the best legal experts can be costly, but is usually equally as valuable.  Navigating the legal system is tricky business for the uninitiated. 

Some lawyers will give free consultations. These consultations are one of the ways they find potential clients.  They do the consultations in hopes of finding a case that they can win.  If the case is particularly strong, and the client cannot afford to pay, then the lawyer might take the case on a contingency fee.  This means that they only get paid if they win.  Using this strategy motivated the lawyer to get the best deal possible for their client, as the lawyer will be pocketing a substantial percentage of the award from the court. 

It is possible to find free legal advice online, but it is difficult to find quality legal advice for free.  One of the best sources of advice is the American Bar Association.  There website has downloadable pamphlets and forms for virtually every legal situation.  State bar associations also provide similar free legal advice online that is specific to the laws in the state where they operate.

If you are saying I need legal advice, and you don’t know where to turn, then you might want to contact your local legal aid society.  Legal aid societies provide an avenue for attorneys to complete their pro bono requirements by providing free counseling and representation to qualified individuals.  Individuals qualify for free legal aid by proving that their income and expenses leaves no room for paying legal fees to an attorney.  If a person qualifies, they are then provided with an attorney.  Sometimes the attorney works on staff with the legal aid group, and sometimes they are just volunteering temporarily in order to fulfill their pro bono obligation as set forth by their state bar association.

The thought that I need legal advice is stressful, as it often means that you are in some kind of trouble.  However, it can often mean that you have been hurt or injured in an accident or a crime.  In these circumstances, free advice is usually readily available, as there are a number of law firms who specialize in this field.  These firms often advertise on television and billboards that they offer free legal advice and representation.  Of course, this is not entirely true.  These are situations where lawyers are seeking cases that they can take on a contingency in expectation of a large settlement or judgment.

Very few people like to go to court.  Dealing with lawyers and judges is a stressful and unpleasant experience.  However, if you are seeking legal advice, then there are many avenues for you to choose from, and some of them are free.

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