Learn How to Find an Attorney for Free

When people require the use of the legal system, and a lawyer that knows how to navigate it, they can find an attorney for free. If an individual was arrested, involved in a car accident, or was a party to a land use or property rights dispute, they required an attorney to help resolve their legal or civil dispute.

Within the legal community, there is a commonly accepted practice for lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals to work for free for less fortunate people. There is a term when a legal professional works for free; it is called pro bono. This Latin term literally translates as the public good. It is a general legal term that defines the practice of a legal professional volunteering their legal experience and knowledge in order to help a fellow citizen. In most cases it is for indigent clients, who are in dire straits and have nowhere else to turn. Most local, state, and national bar associations along with other legal professional organizations setup clinics and information centers to help people in need of assistance.

In situations when a person is in need of a lawyer, but is not able to afford one, it is important  to learn how to find an attorney for free, or at least at low cost in order to resolve a legal situation. There are non-profit and employment agencies, such as Lawyers Collaborative for Diversity, that help all demographic groups, including minorities and other economically disadvantaged groups find the right pro bono representation for their specific legal need. Some of these groups focus on employment opportunities for legal professionals in addition to helping indigent people find competent and adequate legal counsel for a wide range of legal issues. Further, people looking for pro bono work can also contact a local lawyers office for a referral to the appropriate local center for pro bono help, or they can find a free attorney.

In addition, Lawyers Collaborative for Diversity also helps minority lawyers find employment as well as helping people find lawyers who will provide free or very inexpensive legal services. Legal organizations like these help provide people who are looking for free or inexpensive legal counsel the ability to procure legal services in a safe and well-respected manner. Reputable legal organizations, such as these, work with legal counsel within the framework of local and state bar associations along with other appropriate legal organizations.

When searching for an attorney or lawyer for free, it is important to be weary of unscrupulous lawyers and those posing as lawyers who might violate attorney client privilege. Whether you find a lawyer through word of mouth, from a website, or even from the telephone book, you must be careful when selecting an attorney, and even more so when looking to find a free attorney. There are some things that can be done in order to minimize the risk that your free legal services violate attorney client privilege. The first thing you can do is utilize a reputable legal source, such as Lawyers Collaborative for Diversity, or other recognized legal organization to get a qualified recommendation for an attorney who will work for free, as part of their pro bono work.    

There are other actions you can take to ensure that an attorney who will work for free is a good choice. You should check that your legal counsel is licensed in the state in which the legal proceeding will take place. You can also find an attorney for free by checking with the local and state bar associations to see if the lawyer is registered and in good standing with that organization.

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