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In this difficult job market today, individuals must do all they can to perform well at their lawyer jobs to keep them. Even people, who are exemplary employees and do everything they possibly can, sometimes encounter difficulties beyond their control. A lot of states have at-will employment contracts, meaning that you or your employer can terminate the employment contract for almost any reason, except for those specified under the law.

Sometimes, due to no personal fault, individuals lose their job. There are plenty of reasons to let someone go, which include being late to work, not being able to adequately perform one's duties, or other at-will, justifiable reasons. Sometimes the reason for termination is questionable. In the cases of questionable circumstances related to a dismissal, it is beneficial to speak with your own counselor or attorney, because your employer will engage a lawyer to protect their business. Speaking with a lawyer is the best way to legally determine the specific circumstances and if legal action is suitable your case.

The best way to determine if a termination is legal is to speak with a lawyer or to engage a lawyer. Lawyers, who specialize in employment law, are the best type of lawyer to review the circumstances of a termination and evaluate available options. A lawyer can research legislation and past court decisions, apply those to the specific circumstances, and provide guidance to the terminated employee. There have been many lawyer movies made that involve wrongly convicted or terminated persons who are trying to clear their name and get back on track. However, do not rely on these for knowing what is really the law concerning termination of employment, only a licensed lawyer can do that for you.  

However, when the previous employer engages a lawyer to protect the business should they be sued as a result of a termination, you should be sure to select a competent lawyer. If you do not have a competent lawyer, you may receive inadequate legal advice. Such legal advice might lead to an unintended lawsuit. If an unintended lawsuit is initiated; it might have a negative impact on the individual bringing the case. Such negative impacts might include developing a poor reputation, being counter-sued by the former employer, or even having your name ruined in your professional community.  You should conduct a comprehensive review of the lawyer to determine if he or she is a good fit for your case. There are many ways conduct this complete search for a lawyer. First, you should verify the lawyer’s experience. In lawyer movies, unlike in real life, you do not see the client screen multiple lawyers; the character simply works with a lawyer and the legal proceedings begin.    

The process of determining whether a lawyer is good fit should include verifying the lawyer's license. There are many lawyers who set up a practice, advertise, and operate like a normal law office, but do not have an active license, and are therefore not acting in accordance with the law. Additionally, when searching for a lawyer, you should check to see how many cases the potential lawyer has won. Since the point of hiring a lawyer and exploring legal options is to potentially sue a former employer, you should be confident that the lawyer you choose has a proven track record of winning cases.

Therefore, your former employer will have legal representation, then you should also properly investigate, question, and be confident with the lawyer you choose. Otherwise, if a mediocre lawyer is chosen, you might end up with legal problems in addition to the issues with former lawyer jobs.

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