Water Conservation In The Home

Water conservation wasn't a hot topic back in the day, because it was both an unpleasant and an unknown topic; then we talked about it all the time, debating solution after solution to a depleting water supply.  And now were back to not talking about it again.  Global warning and world terrorism, terrifying topics indeed, took over our national conscience, and were ignoring water conservation facts that point to our planet turning into either a desert or a system of tainted streams and oceans.  But the water shortages, and the possibility of a polluted eco system on our planet, didn't go away. 

Our oceans, lakes and other bodies of water (including the fresh water sources we drink from) are being polluted at a frightening rate.  In the light of the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (does anybody know if those waters will ever be clean again?), and the fact that the Big Three elements of water pollution are still very much in business, weve got to face a bleak ecological future if we dont do more to conserve water. 

If you dont know what the Big Three are, let us introduce you. 

  • First comes sewage, which means pound upon pound of untreated and contaminated waste products dumped into our water, usually plunged into that delicately balanced ecosystem we call the ocean.  How much waste material goes in?  Approximately one ton a day.  Thats right, a ton a day of pollutants, exclusively sewage, goes into the ocean. 
  • The second is big business, which has the processing plants that dump even more poundages of pollutants into the sea, including cleaning solvents and chemical compounds.  Several more daily tons go into the ocean from that source.  It's amazing the little Mermaid isnt floating face down by now. 
  • Third and worst of all is the oil pollution.  You might Google oil spill New Mexico for details there. You might also remember that we NEED the ocean, for seafood, for products created from plankton, and for the kelp, which does the unsung but rather essential business of providing oxygen for the atmosphere.  

So, with a shortage of fresh water around the planet, how can we conserve the precious resources we have left? Here are a few around - the - home water conservation tips. 

  • Get water - saving model shower heads and install them.
  • Run dishwashers and washing machines with full loads only, and use the fastest cleaning cycle you have.
  • Rather than buy bottled water (all that plastic, despite the pure water, isnt biodegradable) install a filtration system such as Brita or Pur. 
  • Install a low - flow toilet in place of your old one. If that's impractical or just too expensive (too many toilets in your home), put one of those plastic bottles of water we told you not to buy in the toilet tank.  It displaces the additional water, and youll save a gallon or two every flush. 
  • Finally, don't just let water run.  Wet the toothbrush, turn off the water and THEN brush your teeth, and youll save up to five gallons. 

So consider doing more water conservation in your home; its a hotter topic than ever now.

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