Becoming an Energy Efficiency Consultant

Becoming an energy efficiency consultant is done via the same process as becoming an expert in consultation in other field some must bring a heavy battery of expertise and knowledge to the table.  Fortunately, renewable energy efficiency is a subject on everyones minds these days, with energy and gas prices skyrocketing by the day, and with green energy policies uppermost in the minds of the current administration.  So, its not surprising that a number of consulting agencies in energy conservation and efficiency have arisen in the last decade, ever since the advent of the global warming crisis and the limits of fossil fuels remaining for everyday use.   So, becoming an energy efficiency consultant could not be done at a better time. 

The main reasons to become a home energy consultant include:

  • The fact that its timely to the environmental movement
  • Its an easy business to start at home
  • Its primary concern is helping others minimize energy costs in their homes
  • It points the way to the future of renewable energy efficiency.  

The figures speak for themselves if one could show a single four-person family how to save, say, 10% of their energy costs (through flooring) or 12% (through unblocked chimneys and doorways) or 14% (through windows) or 24% through walls, that savings is money to the consultant for his/her single visit (in the form of his consulting fee) and money for the family in energy savings, year after year.

There are many avenues to explore also in specializing in energy consulting, since its always better to find a particular venue or method of energy saving that the individual favors, rather than spread out ones expertise throughout the whole spectrum of green topics.   

Some of the areas of specialization in energy conservation and efficiency consultation include:

  • Wind power, a particular specialization that is suitable for large garden and lawn estates and agricultural concerns;
  • Renewable fuels, an excellent field to enter with the current interest in modes of transportation such as electric cars (the Chevy Volt is a hot item at the moment) and green public transportation; 
  • Hybrid power, also an excellent field with the number of hybrid automobiles planned under present Federal administration grants;
  • Insulation, which is closest to home for many since it involves home inspections for precisely the kind of energy savings mentioned above;
  • Solar power, which is becoming more and more a topic of concern as new housing is being given Federal grant money to add those specific improvements to the architectural design;
  • Energy efficient products, a field that gets down to face-to-face sales to individuals and companies of successful and innovative green products
  • Or simply as a home energy consultant, giving out advice and energy checkpoints to interested families (recommending such procedures as double glazing, programmed controls, etc.). 

Beyond that, becoming an energy efficiency consultant is the same as any other business: these days, its difficult (but not impossible) to get sponsored into an agency, so a home-based business makes more sense to begin with. 

To create this, as in any home business, one should detail a business plan for setting up and running such an agency from home.  One always use the internet to create a home website and gather clientele from the preferred social media for businesses, Facebook and LinkedIN.   One might also consider hiring out to local contractors to do jobs that the consultant might recommend but cannot personally complete (such as installing HVAC systems professionally).   A professional knowledge of green products to help homes and businesses become more energy efficient is also desirable.

These are a few of the insights needed to becoming an energy efficiency consultant, a job that is currently very much in demand.

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