Alternative Energy - What Are the Best Sources

The sources of alternative energy no longer stand for a feasible economic dream for the future. On the contrary, they are presently available and their implementation spans across the entire world. From Argentina to Japan, Norway to South Africa, almost each country has the policy of generating at least 10 percent of its energy from the renewable energy sources by the year 2020. This article elucidates five of the best renewable energy sources, leaving you with an opportunity to select your preferred

Wind energy
Wind power turbines have existed for several decades. To install the turbines, you need a large piece of land. Acquiring suitable land has really limited the use of this renewable energy source. Nonetheless, extensive research is underway especially in developing the turbine farms offshore.

Before you set up the wind turbine, look at your home's location. If you are a city dweller encompassed by several skyscrapers, wind turbines may not work for you because the tall buildings may obscure wind from reaching your home to run the turbines. However, the solar panel can apply in such a case.

Geothermal energy
There is an immense heat circulating from the crust of the earth because the core of the earth is super-hot; up to 70,000 degrees Celsius. Just below the crust there is gigantic volumes of hot water and through pumping of this water up the ground, many countries have actually tapped into this energy by erecting several geothermal power stations, especially in the regions with a thin crust. A number of homes also utilize this energy source for their cooling and heating appliances.

Solar energy
The sun is an ultimate source of all things alive on the face of the world. The absolute amount of energy the sun gives out means that solar energy has the possibility of being the greatest source of alternative energy.</P> <P>The main challenge is developing products that have the ability to convert this energy into real power. However, in the most recent years, scientists have made huge leaps and bounds in this field by coming up with solar panels which have the power to change the solar energy to electric energy. You can now buy efficient solar panels at great prices and use them to accomplish different tasks at your home including lighting, cooking, heating water and so forth.

The force of water that flows downstream is extremely powerful. Being a renewable energy resource, water constantly undergoes recharging through the evaporation - precipitation cycle. Heat emitted from the sun results to the evaporation of water in the lakes and oceans thus forming clouds. The familiar part is water falling back to the earth as either snow or rain, draining into rivers and streams that get back to the ocean. Flowing water has sufficient power that can turn the water wheels. Both turbines and generators can capture this energy and harness it towards electricity generation.

Biomass energy
 This alternative energy source refers to the exploration of inherent energy from any living thing, particularly the plant material like the oilseed rape. The material is grown in a special way before burning it for generating electricity. The other use of biomass is fuel for automobiles. The sources of biomass are properly utilized as fossil fuses though they are carbon neutral since they only release the quantity of carbon dioxide they absorbed while alive.

There is ongoing research on the above-mentioned energy sources. There is a high possibility that they could be more economically feasible in the coming years. This will give humanity a good opportunity to avoid the use of fossil fuel, only if the politicians concede.

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