Tips To Help You Choose Your Countertop

A counter top is a very important purchase for any kitchen. So, one must be very careful about the material that is to be selected and give proper thought to the kind of design scheme that they are looking at. A counter top would be the first thing that people would notice once they enter your kitchen, so be very cautious about what you choose.

The first consideration while buying the counter top should be the material that you are interested in. Review your budget and determine the usability of the counter and then go ahead with the purchase. You can choose from granite, marble, slate, soapstone or other plastic made materials.

While granite would be the best choice, it would be the costliest too. It is chip free and has a long life unlike many other stone counter tops. 

Marble is softer than granite and needs to be sealed at least twice a year. A marble counter top is cool to work on and is heat resistant too.  You could even try some of the engineered stone counter tops that are made out of plastic polymer. Counter tops made of this material are kid-friendly as you can easily remove all stains and scratches from it.

Once you have selected the material for the counter top, next on the agenda would be the color. Choose a color that reflects your personality and complements the kitchen decor. If you wish to select an unusual color then make sure that the other furnishings of your kitchen are neutral in color.

Avoid overtly bright colors like red and yellow as they would appear a total put off after a few weeks.

How to blend the look of the counter top with the rest of your home? This is yet another common question that is asked by many. Well, firstly, try and pick a counter top that goes well with your cabinets and flooring. Also, inspect the counter before you get it installed and get appropriate changes done beforehand.

If you have selected a natural color then the color might vary from what you had chosen earlier. Don’t worry; these minor differences are bound to occur from one piece to the next. Just make sure that the final outcome is a reflection of your personality and has been designed according to your requirements.

One important tip - make sure that the countertop top is measured by the square foot and not the linear feet. This would ultimately affect the pricing of the counter top. So be careful.

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