Kitchen Food Pantry a Great Place to Store Items

A kitchen food pantry is a great place to store food. When most people think of food storage, they think of the refrigerator. However, with prices fluctuating as they are it is important to have a good stock of food items in the home. A well stocked pantry could mean the difference between a great meal and a total disaster. A kitchen food pantry doesn't have to be an entire room dedicated to the storage of food. You can simply choose a kitchen cabinet to act as your pantry. The most important thing is to ensure that the pantry is dry and cool. These are the main characteristics that ensure that the pantry remains a great place to store food. You can therefore select any space in the home to convert into your pantry as long as it meets the requirements. Many people choose their garages if they do not have space within the house.

Your kitchen food pantry offers a great place for you to keep a substantial stock of the items that you eat most often. This is the first thing you should consider when stocking your pantry. Decide on the foods that you eat the most often. Make a list of the foods and break them down to the ingredients. This will help you to identify the items that you use most often to prepare your meals. For example, if you eat pasta with sauce for most of the week, you should stock up on pasta and ingredients used to make the sauces such as canned tomato paste, curry powder and the like.

Stocking your kitchen food pantry also gives you an opportunity to stock up on healthy foods. You should therefore consider the food pyramid. Many people don't realize that they are not taking in all the nutrients they need in the right quantities. This is often because the foods are not available. However, with the right food in stock, you will not have an excuse not to eat right. You food pantry can therefore be used as a tool to help you stick to a healthy diet.

There are also various ingredients that are used in the preparation of various meals. These universal ingredients should be purchased in large quantities and stored in the pantry. They will come in handy as you prepare meals.

You should also ensure that the common food staples are included in your kitchen food pantry. This is a great place to store large quantities of staples that typically make a large part of meals such as rice, spaghetti, potatoes and lentils.

When selecting the staples to store in your kitchen food pantry, ensure that the foods that are stored are not easily perishable goods. It is best to categorize the foods when they are stored in the pantry. They should be stored according to the food group e.g. vegetables, oils, spices, grains and flours. Add the categories as appropriate. You should also ensure that foods that are likely to adopt the scents of other foods are stored separately.

It is important to ensure that you clean out your kitchen food pantry often. This will ensure that you keep pests at bay. It will also ensure that you keep track of what you have stored and ensure that it is still fit for consumption.

The kitchen food pantry is an excellent place to store food in large quantities. However, you should ensure that the food items are packaged properly. The packaging should be appropriate to the foods stored. The packaging should ensure that pests do not penetrate easily. It should also ensure that the food is kept fresh for longer.

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