Kitchen Remodeling For Style and Function

Kitchen remodeling includes making decisions concerning lighting, color, windows, cabinets, and furniture styles.  Kitchens can be functional and stylistic, reflecting your own personality.  Even artwork and decorative rugs can enhance the outcome of your project.  There is a lot of ways to personalize your kitchen, but don't forget to include functionality in your list of priorities.

There is a myriad of ways to bring color to your kitchen.  Choose a color you like, but be sure it is easy to change should you grow tired of it.  It is generally best to keep your kitchen cabinets neutral, because repainting them can be a daunting task.  Show your flair for color on the walls, where you will not feel committed long term to the color you choose.  The right color depends on the mood you want to create.  Neutral tones are earthy and moody.  Sunlight yellow is timeless for kitchens, or you can opt for a bolder choice like reds or oranges.  Cool green and blue shades are easier for larger families to live with.  Make sure whichever color you choose works with the adjacent rooms as well.

Keep in mind that kitchens generate grease and humidity.  Painted walls are thus more popular than wall coverings, and semi - gloss and eggshell paints are more commonplace that flat.  You do not need to rule out wallpaper, as there are some smother wall papers that are both durable and easy to clean. 

Many people do not realize that the ceiling also offers an opportunity for you to incorporate your own sense of style.  You can change a space significantly by raising the ceiling or adding a skylight.  Exposing beams and adding decorative treatments to the ceiling can also be helpful.  The ceiling can be painted to either match or contrast with the walls.  Choosing a high gloss white will reflect light and make the kitchen feel brighter.  

Perhaps the most requested change people are making during their kitchen remodeling is to connect their kitchens to the outdoors.  Daylight can be a huge asset to the kitchen.  The style of the window is as important as the number and size.  Regardless of style, make sure your new windows are energy efficient.  Multi - paned windows are an excellent choice as they provide a layer of insulation.  You can also tint or coat the glass to filter out damaging ultraviolet rays and deflect heat.  

Proper lighting is crucial for working in a kitchen, especially during the evening or early in the morning.  Track and recessed lighting are popular choices because they can be positioned to illuminate specific working areas while they provide ambient lighting for the entire room.  Consider a central lighting fixture to reinforce the style of your kitchen remodel.  Lighting offers a great way to impart personality to the space because of the immense range of styles, colors, and types of lighting.  

All of these kitchen remodeling ideas can be daunting.  It helps to choose a style and color first.  The rest of your choices should all be functional solutions that fit with the style and color of your choosing.  There is no right or wrong way to choose your style.  An important thing to remember is that styles and tastes change.  What excites you in kitchen design now might befuddle you in ten years.  Try to make your style choices in a way that they are easy to change should your life take you on a different journey.  Understanding that you will probably want to make some changes again in the future, and planning accordingly, you alleviate many headaches you might have later when attempting to do this all over again.

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