Find the Best Streaming TV Service in Kansas City MO 2019 EnvyTV Save on Cable Near Me


Looking to find the best streaming TV service in Kansas City, MO? Want to know where to go for EnvyTV in Kansas City in 2019? Perhaps you just want to learn how to save on cable in Kansas City? 

After careful consideration, here is our selection.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best EnvyTV in Kansas City, MO  to be determined:

Why is EnvyTV the right choice?

People by the Thousands are enjoying this service, particularly for the price. Some of the features are:

-Over 1500 channels to choose from in Kansas City
-Easy Plug & Play Technology
-Cancel anytime.
-No Onsite Technical Support needed
-No Credit Checks
-3 units per household for one monthly price
-Monthly Service – No Contracts
-Pay only $ 49.97 per month. 

How many channels are available?

While there are already more than 1,000 channels, EnvyTV is constantly adding and updating more and more channels to provide the best customer experience for its customers. While they do their best to keep the list of channels up to date, there are often more channels available than are listed.

What Programming and TV channels are available?

Envy TV offers hundreds of media streaming channels including Pay-Per-View Events, Live Streaming TV; Subscription paid channels such as SHOWTIME, HBO, CINEMAX, STARZ, etc.; sports fan channels, such as NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and channels outside the US, and many more.

Does EnvyTV have any hidden fees for this service?

No hidden fees with EnvyTV.   The $ 49.97 monthly fee includes everything.

Do I need anything else to use this streaming service?

Yes, fast internet is needed (DSL is often too slow). Typically, the rate of speed received by most portable communication devices such as smartphones or tablets is fast enough if you are processing at a speed of 4G. If you are in an area where your provider cuts your speed, your streaming quality might be decreased. With Smart TV’s, PC’s or Mac’s: EnvyTV usually operates on 15 speed and a lot better on 35. This means that the optimal plan for your internet service would be to purchase a 50-70 speed service. This would take care of any high-volume peak times, which could cause buffering. If you do experience buffering, EnvyTV provides a built-in feature to change some viewing options to accommodate the high usage, helping to keep your picture sharp and running smoothly.

Will I still need a cable box or android box?

NO!  You receive your signal through either your web portal or via a FireStick or Fire TV Stick. These can be purchased from Amazon, Best Buy, or even in vending machines at airports. You purchase the Firestick or Fire TV Stick once.  You will not have any rental or monthly fees for a cable box when you use the EnvyTV service. Once you have your Firestick or Fire TV Stick programmed to your needs, you can take it with you when you travel. All you need to do is connect it to an HDMI port on a TV with internet access and watch your favorites shows.

What devices do I need to use this service?

With EnvyTV streaming, you can use many different types of devices, including Smart TV, Apple, PC, Mac, laptops, tablets, Android or ISO Android smartphones and other devices with Android 6.0 +.

Can a streaming program be recorded?

Yes, but with our streaming package, you may not need to record. EnvyTV is a live streaming service, not a DVR. After a show has been aired, most users will use their Firestick or Fire TV Stick so they can watch their favorite programs.  Whatever you would want to record, that show is probably available via streaming so the recording would not be necessary.

Do I keep my current contract with my cable/satellite provider?

Since streaming needs internet to work and if you are currently paying a company to watch TV, then you will most likely be lowering your satellite/cable service to just include internet and not a TV Package.

With EnvyTV, how do I get paid to refer people?

Once you become a member of EnvyTV, you have the option to get paid when you refer family, friends, or anyone else to EnvyTV and they become members.  You will receive $10 Per month for each paid membership. So, when you refer 5 people that continue to remain a member, you will receive $50 every month. This will basically pay for your membership. Any additional paid members will be extra money you can use for other bills or invest. EnvyTv has no limits on the number of people you refer to EnvyTV.

This is very inexpensive, what’s the catch?

EnvyTV is a Referral only business which makes our overhead small. Our business plan is unlike the major cable/satellite providers. We don’t have the need for installation crews or large business offices in cities throughout the country.  We don’t have the need for additional ‘boxes’ to bring our high-quality service to your home. The only way we gather new Customers is through referrals.

Can I use EnvyTV when I move or travel?

Yes, wherever you are moving or traveling to, you can use your EnvyTV service to watch your favorite programs from anywhere.  You just need to have a good internet connection and then use your web portal or your Firestick or Fire TV Stick.

Does EnvyTV have a Business Opportunity?

Yes, it does. There are six ways to earn commission.  When you first join as an EnvyTV member, you receive $10 Per Month for every new active member you personally refer that activates a monthly subscription.  As your business grows, you will have the opportunity to become an affiliate with EnvyTV where you can earn income five additional ways. 

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