Find the Best Retail Store Merchant in Philadelphia PA in 2019 now save online


Are you looking for the Best Online Retail Store Merchant in Philadelphia PA in 2019? Are you tired of searching through the newspapers for great sales? Looking for the cheapest health and beauty, candy and food, cleaning products, stationery, and party supplies near you? We took the time to research and discovered the following local Online Retail Store Merchant for your consideration.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Online Retail Store Merchant in Philadelphia, PA is:

Bargain Bill’s Dollar Store
Bill Irving Philadelphia PA 19120 (949) 261-7488

Why Buy Online versus Brick and Mortar?

The Dollar Store is one of the largest distributors of merchandise through US and the world. If you like quality items for cheaper prices, shopping at the Dollar Store is for you. You can buy your Health & Beauty, Candy & Food, Cleaning products, Stationery, Party Supplies, Toys, books, apparel, footwear, baby care products, toys, and more products from various categories from the Dollar Store online. 

You receive the best value for your money and a completely hassle-free experience with options of paying through 

    • Cash on Delivery 
    • Debit Card 
    • Credit Card 
    • Net Banking 

    Dollar Stores are normally found throughout your neighborhood. There are times when you want to put your list together with the intention of picking up school supplies, batteries, beauty supplies or even party favors and cards for all occasions. The only problem, the store is closed or the weather is too bad to venture out.

    Guess what! The Dollar Store is now online. With over 30,000 items available at your fingertips, you can order 24/7.

    Why are Dollar Store products so popular?

    People have gotten away from paying for the name of well-known products because of the rise of the Dollar Store Models. Nevertheless, you will still find brand names in the Dollar Store. Just like walking up and the down the aisle of the stores, you can scroll online and purchase a long list of items:

    • Accessories – Fashion, Hair and Licensed Accessories (ex: Toys.) 
    • Apparel – Hosiery, Clothing, Footwear and Licensed Apparel (ex: socks with cartoon characters)
    • Auto – Accessories (ex: Power Steering Oil, Air Fresheners and Cleaning Clothes)
    • Baby – Items and specialty licensed items
    • Beauty – Supplies, Cosmetics, and licensed items
    • Decorations – Candles & Incense, Decorations, Frames, and Licensed Decoration
    • Hardware and Tools – Hardware & Tools; Batteries; Gardening & Outdoor; Electric Accessories; Paint; Audio & Video Supplies; Door & Locks; and Camping
    • Health – Oral Care; Shaving Accessories; Feminine Hygiene; Soaps & Body Washes; Skin Care; Hair Care; Deodorants; Licensed Health
    • Holiday Specials – Select Items
    • Home Care – Pesticides & Glue Traps; Cleaning Equipment; Air Fresheners; Cleaning Solutions; Laundry Detergents; and Laundry Accessories
    • Houseware – Bathroom, Sewing, and Bedroom
    • Kitchen – Plastic Cups & Bowls; Plastic Containers; Kitchen Accessories; Tools & Utensils; Foils & Wraps; Table Covers & Gloves; Cookware; and Licensed Kitchen
    • Office & School – Stationery, Notebooks & Fillers; Store Supplies; Bags & Luggage; Licensed Office & School Craft
    • Paper Products – Toilet Paper & Napkins; Licensed Paper Products
    • Party Supply – Party Supplies; Bags & Wraps; Cups & Plates; Utensils; and Licensed Party Supply
    • Pet – Pet Supplies and Pet Food
    • Pharmacy – Non-prescription Medicine
    • Seasonal Items – Summer; Winter; and Licensed Seasonal Items
    • Toys – Toys and Licensed Toy

    As you can see, the Dollar Store is your one-stop shopping online for everyday products.

    More about the Bargain Bill’s Dollar Store

    Bill Irvin is a multi-faceted entrepreneur who has seen the value of being a part of the Dollar Store merchandising phenomenon. He has positioned himself to join their Affiliate Marketing program and take advantage of the new wave of retail stores moving from brick-n-mortar to online sales.

    With the increase of entrepreneurs starting their own drop-ship companies, most are located international, it is refreshing to find a store with royalty free drop-ship in the US. It is a turn-key opportunity with fast moving consumable products available both country and worldwide.

    Best Online Retail Store Merchant in Philadelphia