A Grassroots Effort That Will Assist the Poor and Hungry


The Mission
To assist millions of small business owners across the US and Canada, and help the poor and hungry along the way.

The Process
SMARTGUY® is currently aggregating quality businesses, one per category, within over 20,000 cities. Each business owner instantly receives a suite of proprietary business tools to increase their online and offline visibility to local consumers, as well as effectively communicate with one another via the SmartGuy® Phone App. Though fully automated, SmartGuy allows one one individual per city an opportunity to join their affiliate program and become their local SmartGuy city network leader. Their focus is simply to promote SmartGuy and oversee the city referral network. They, in turn, will earn about 50% of the local member's ongoing revenue.

SmartGuy allows businesses to join for as little as $8.25 per month on an annual agreement. This inexpensive pricing helps the city networks to grow fast. The greater the number of businesses within each city, the larger the number of referrals for each member and the greater the value SmartGuy becomes to the local consumer looking for quality professionals.

As SmartGuy continues to grow faster and faster and cities fill with businesses, SmartGuy plans on using most of the member revenue to launch a massive brand recognition campaign, introducing SmartGuy to the consumer as a faster, easier and smarter way to find local professionals.

The Team
Jordan Wexler, the founder and CEO, along with his team of IT savvy developers, have devised some of the largest online lead generation companies in the United States. By pioneering innovative and more effective approaches to generate leads, he was one of the first to introduce Interactive voice response (IVR) technology for the real estate and mortgage industry, as well as database procurement of leads online. 

Looking Deeper
SMARTGUY® was developed to strengthen as it grows, utilizing AI assisted technology to increase online search results via links and page metrics. Millions of pages and links have been created that continue to grow exponentially, as each member joins and SmartGuy adds more relevant online articles. As SmartGuy grows in members, so do the pages and links and search engines results they all receive. Smartguy innovates the way process of more effectively finding quality business, as well as helping businesses generate leads. SMARTGUY® is committed to helping the poor and hungry. For this reason, SmartGuy donates 10% of profits to charities, such as FeedMyPoor, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that prepares fresh and healthy meals, and delivers them to the homeless. As SMARTGUY continues to quickly grow and strengthen communities, so too can we help eliminate hunger. 

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