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Are you looking for the Best Credit Repair Specialist in Fort Lauderdale, FL?  How can you access your credit report in Fort Lauderdale? Are you looking to change your credit way of life? Is having a healthier relationship with your credit important to you?

We would like to present to you a company who is poised to help you.

SmartGuy ® 2019 Best Credit Repair Service in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is:

Become More by Neftaly
Neftaly Moret Echevarria
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(312) 678-5163

Why is this company identified as the Best Credit Repair Specialist Service in Fort Lauderdale?

The company has a Credit Repair Specialist service who go beyond reviewing your credit report one-time. They are dedicated to helping you develop a healthier relationship with your credit. Its focus is on you. The Credit Repair Specialist is also a counselor and they care about your story, and your decision to modify your behavior. The Specialist wants to empower you to improve your lifestyle through a credit modification program that can put you on the road to having good credit.

Credit score improvement is more than just getting rid of negative items on your report. It takes hard work to repair your credit report, and Credit Repair Specialists work with you.  

Repairing Your Credit Rating is Top Priority

The Credit Repair Specialist strives to work with our customers through various outlets to assist them in enhancing their report. 

• Credit Restoration

These services help eliminate incorrect or outdated information.  This process will clean up your credit history and increase your rating.

• Learning the  Importance of Good Credit 

The Best Credit Specialist assists in helping their customers understand the significance items reported on their credit report and how they can successfully change their scores with smart monetary decisions.

If you have less than best credit, you must understand that there are methods to repair your credit. Having a good credit rating is essential. Having the ability to get credit with various financial institutes is what you should work to achieve. Without an excellent credit history, you will have difficulty in buying items on credit, getting a charge card, and even getting a new task or renting an apartment. Today, your credit rating is more crucial than ever in the past.

• Commitment to Excellence

The best Credit Repair Specialist is with you from the very beginning to evaluate your credit requirements and identify your credit repair concerns. 

Your Credit History Matters.

Your credit score is going to be a crucial consideration in accomplishing your objectives. Primarily, if you are seeking to buy a home. If you are looking to refinance an existing loan, purchase a car, extend financial flexibility through a line of credit or credit cards, or perhaps applying for a new job, you will be stopped by poor credit.  The majority of your life purchasing and rental decisions will involve your credit history. Take control of your score is the primary step in ensuring that these crucial moments are as favorable as possible for you.


Credit Repair Specialists believe they can make a difference in your life. They want you to understand that a credit score is not merely a number; it's a way of life.

It begins with you. Make the option to alter your credit way of life, and start a healthier relationship with your credit. "Change your doubt, change your behavior, and improve your credit future."

Let the experts take the frustration away while getting you useful and timely results — register to learn more about saving money today.

“You have a credit story, let us assist you in rewriting it.”

More about Neftaly Moret Echevarria and Become More by Neftaly

If you were ever looking for a Credit Repair Counselor who has a heart for helping you restore your credit standing, then look no further. Neftaly Monet Echevarria's company name says it all, Become More by Neftaly. He knows that you can add more to your life by correcting any inaccurate information on your credit report. Neftaly knows that you can become more when you have a stronger and stable financial track record. He is willing to utilize the United Credit Education Services (UCES) to help to achieve all of your credit and financial goals for you and your family.

Its purpose is to work toward raising customers' credit scores. The educational services teach how to remove negative information from credit reports. It also educates their customers to understand how they can enhance their overall financial well-being.

Their services are specific in the area of:

  • Credit Education to help build credit knowledge with their Credit Builder Program
  • The importance of Credit Monitoring
  • Understanding and Building a Debt-Free Payoff Plan
  • Understanding the Importance of Identity Protection
  • Provide Term Life Protection for their family
  • Create a Financial Roadmap to identify essential contacts and pertinent financial information
  • Builds a Network Tracking Report
  • Establish a stable and consistent practice of savings
  • Design and develop your Will and Trust 
  • Institute a Family training program for the youth members

For more information about how Neftaly can help you restore your credit and help you learn the tools to strengthen your financial position, contact him.

Best Credit Repair Specialist in Fort Lauderdale