Business Web Hosting and Where Your Guests Make You Money

It is party time, and youre the host - the one who's the best at business web hosting!  It's a different kind of party, though, because the guests are going to make you money.

Here's how business web hosting works.  Youre the host, providing a service (in the form of a website that businesses access).  The service you provide is accessibility for your guests' businesses-in other words, you allow them to make their websites reachable on the web.

You, the web host, have a server that you own online-your guests (clients) get to use it.  Besides giving their website a place to stay, you also give it the ability to connect and store data.  The storage is so they can expand, keep customer records and have a running 'tab' of who visits their site.  The ability to connect is the heart of the party-the place where your guests meet their customers.

Now, business web hosting, particularly small business web hosting, usually involves small fees charged by the host for the space and the webpage connections.  But it doesn't stop there.   The best business web hosting must also provide both database support and application.   And it's that support that makes you the money.  

Business web hosting does involve maintaining your site and its connectivity for your guests, but you build your own business, and your internet name, at the same time. 
Ready to party?

Well, if you're still not too sure what to do as a web host just yet, let's reverse it.  Imagine you're a small business owner, who wants to get in on a business web hosting-not to run it, just to be part of it and get some of the benefits.  Here's what happens when you log on to a business web hosting site:

First, you'll be shown how to create your own website.  You'll get a domain name, a web builder (for connecting your site to similar ones), and an email account.  
Once you have a website set up, you'll be given disk space and bandwidth (the internet storage tools), and your own URL; in other words, it's a little like renting a place to own in real life.  Youll get an "online apartment" for your business, so to speak, and an address where you can be found.

Next, you'll get your e-commerce tools, which will include methods to attract buyers (as in Google checkout) and methods by which they can pay for your services or products (PayPal compatibility).

You'll also get blogging tools, such as Word Press and b2evolution.  If you've never done it, blogging is the web businessmans best friend; you write about your business at the end of the day, people see it, and you've got new customers without even trying.

So-whether you-re interested in being a guest on a hosted web or a host, you can tell two things right away-one, the internet is your business' best friend, and two, guest or host, business web hosting is a great way to make connections, make customers and above all make money.  Ready to party?