SSL Certificate What Where And Why To Get One

SSL certificate - what where and why to get one concerns all website owners who handle financial transactions or other sensitive information.  An SSL certificate provides proof of the identity of the website, and ensures that data being exchanged between the server and your site cannot be hijacked by a third party.  Visitors to your site will want to know that the connection is secure, that their financial or personal data is safe, and that the website they are about to do business with is legitimate.  In order to do any significant amount of business online, a SSL certificate is needed.

All website owners who store financial information like credit card numbers, password information, or other personal data need to know about SSL certificates.  The SSL certificate ensures a secure connection, protecting you and your clients from fraud and identity theft.  It also assures the visitor that they are on an actual website, not a fake fraudulent site.  Customers who shop on line will often back out of a transaction before it is finalized when they sense even the slightest hint that their personal information might be compromised.  If you want to maximize your conversion rates, you will need an SSL certificate.

Why SSL Certificates Are Important
Data is transmitted across the internet in plain text.  This plain text data is easy to intercept and read, and the data can then be used fraudulently.  Even passwords that are obscured with asterisks as you enter them into the password field are transmitted in plain text, no matter what you see on the screen.  Any plain text data can be stolen.  Anyone with the right equipment can read your transmissions and do what they want with the data.

The Purpose Of SSL Certificates
There is a common misunderstanding about SSL certificates.  Their main purpose is not to protect transactions between buyers and sellers on line.  An SSL certificate establishes the identity of your website through a third party.  That third party is the issuer of the SSL certificate.  This protects visitors to the website by assuring them that they are on an authentic website, rather than a fake site designed to look like yours and steal their money.  Any protection that is offered to the transactions is merely a secondary benefit, although an important one.

The Cost Of SSL Certificates
Cost is undoubtedly a factor in obtaining a SSL certificate - what where and why to get one is answered when the costs associated with them are reasonable.  Currently, you can get your SSL certificate for under $100, including a dedicated IP address and typical one time set up fee.  However, some of the most prestigious verification sites like Thawte, GeoTrust, and Verisign can cost as much as $900.  This added expense is because consumers trust the third party names associated with the certificates.  Be sure to display these names prominently on your site to put your customers at ease.

A SSL certificate
what where and why to get one is a business reality for anyone selling products or services on the internet.  Consumers have learned to be careful when entering their financial information.  Without your SSL certificate, you can lose the customer at the last minute as they are entering their information if they have any reason - real or imagined - to doubt the security of your website.  SSL certificates prevent imposters from impersonating your website, stealing data, and doing irreparable harm to your brand.  SSL certification is vital to doing business on line.  Without it, you are putting yourself and your customers at risk for fraud.  With the current available technology, this risk is unnecessary.

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