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For business owners living in today's digital age, the importance of having a website is paramount. However, most people choose the wrong one and never realize it. You see, the reality is websites are designed to sell the business owner into buying them - not to attract them clients. Surprised? You’re not alone.

Website companies are a business

Keep in mind, selling websites is a business. If you buy their website template (or they offer you the website for free and then charge you hosting), you are making them money. They are not compensated on how many clients you get, only that you pay their hosting every month. But is this really what YOU are interested in? Ask yourself, why did you choose your company website. It had pretty pictures? It had a bunch of interesting gadgets or features you or your customers will never look at or use? It is easy to use? Someone recommended it? Your website should have one real purpose - to generate clients!

The Shocking Facts
The most recent statistics state that people browse a webpage for only a few seconds before making a decision whether to engage and call you or proceed to your competitor. That means that the "pretty pictures" and "gadgets" should NOT be your focus. Instead, it needs to be how quickly you can satisfy your customers immediate gratification!  Visitors should be able to find the answer of these questions within a few seconds of landing on your website:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do/offer?
  • How do you compare to others?
  • What do others think about you?
  • How do I contact you?

In fact, more and more consumers once finding that information online are NOT proceeding to their website. Instead, if they found someone they are comfortable with, the call the professional right away!

The Solution
There is a company that provides you a free, editable, easy-to-use website (including hosting) that DOES provide customers the information they need to make the decision in using you. It's even got a clever name... SmartGuy

Within just 1-2 minutes, SmartGuy automatically creates your free website! But that is just the beginning, SmartGuy then connects its member to up to 1,500 other non-competing businesses in an exclusive business referral network and markets them collectively to local consumers. Who is jumping to get one? How about world famous cosmetic doctor Simon Ourian - often featured on the Doctors, Good Day LA, and countless news and magazines) - see website.

Is there a catch? NO!
You can keep the free editable web page and clients generate from their local business referrals and millions of consumer visitors; however, your exclusive spot in the city business network is not secure. But it can now be! SmartGuy has just introduced a new PREMIUM membership which for only $69 per month (no long term contract) which allows the business to secure their spot as the ONLY business in their category and city and block out competitors. Quite a value really, to not only get a powerful, easy-to-use editable webpage that converts clients, but also to be exclusively aligned with up to 1,500 local referring businesses!

For more information or to get your own free website, visit

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